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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Reviews, I teach about the three reasons that show you may care more for the IRS than you do your own family.

  1. Ignoring the tax sale. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has given us our currently low tax rates. When the TCJA sunsets, tax rates will return to their previously higher levels and the tax sale will be over. Don’t overpay your taxes!
  2. Creating a big tax burden for your surviving spouse. The “widow’s tax” is a situation which occurs when the surviving spouse has less income but pays higher taxes, due to filing single with large IRA balances and/or distributions.
  3. Dumping highly taxable amounts of money on your children. When you pass, your children get a ticking tax time bomb in the form of your inherited IRA when they are in their highest tax-paying years.

Joe Biden has stated his intention to sunset the TCJA as soon as possible (if he is reelected). This means that everyone’s taxes will increase, not just those earning over $400,000 a year.

The proposed Biden budget contains the highest capital gains tax rate in our history (44.6%). If you have a business, an appreciated stock portfolio or appreciated real estate, there’s a proposal to tax those who inherit these assets on the unrealized gain in their value. In other words, your children don’t even have to sell their inherited assets in order to be taxed on the gain. As I stated earlier, the tax on this unrealized gain can be as much as 44.6%! Using the proper tax strategies, this tax can be avoided altogether. 

If you don’t have a preservation and distribution plan, you probably have just an accumulation plan. These are typically put together by big box store brokerages that won’t talk to you about taxes. They only want to talk to you about managing your portfolio for accumulation. Let me ask you a question. How great is the sole focus of accumulating your IRA portfolio if it causes your taxes to balloon in the future?

    How Big is Your Retirement Tax Bill?

    Protect Your Family’s Legacy Rather Than The IRS

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