Retirement protection webinar with chuck oliver

Learn how you can remove retirement uncertainty by de-risking your retirement with market correction and tax protection.

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This educational webinar addresses ways to have your retirement protected from the coronavirus (COVID-19) market, the impact of the economic stimulus and the outcome of the election. These already are or will be making the economy unstable.

What You Will Learn:

  • What to do with the newly added uncertainty of the coronavirus and how one savings vehicle has not lost a penny.
  • Why taxes may never be this low again and what you can do to take advantage of timing and shifting.
  • Remove taxes from your retirement and lower the taxes against your income.
  • The threat of future tax risk with the promised free-for-all spending by the democrats.
  • Learn how to protect your income and inheritance from the recent government changes in the SECURE Act.
  • Learn how to de-risk your retirement with proven solutions that have less risk and higher returns.
  • Imagine having your serious savings only go up with gains and never be exposed to losses.
  • Learn how our clients never have to worry about giving back any of their prior gains with one of our solutions that is also IRS approved to avoid being taxed.

Those who attend will receive our easy to read, time sensitive

The Baby Boomer Retirement Breakthrough – The Unfair Advantage to a Safe and Secure Retirement.

In this book written by best-selling author, Chuck Oliver, you’ll discover and uncover:

  • A common sense, you’re in control savings solution
  • How to avoid the five greatest traps to a secure retirement
  • How to eliminate taxes on the growth and income of your savings
  • How to have only upside savings growth while eliminating the downside from any market losses
  • Safeguard your retirement savings in the safest institutions with a proven track record of over 100 years
  • How you can make up for lost time or money and add an extra $500,000 or more to your retirement the S.A.F.E. way!


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Save a seat in Chuck Oliver’s educational wealth protection webinar where you can learn how to optimize your assets and create a tax-advantaged lifetime retirement income along with a tax-free legacy.