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Chuck Oliver

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National talk show host and two time best-selling author



Chuck Oliver reviews retirement and tax strategies with retirees, those who are about to retire, pre-retirees and their families, to address their financial uncertainties. Primarily, he addresses their concerns regarding the effect of taxes, market risk, and the possibility of out-living their income.

Chuck and his Wealth Architect team educate Baby Boomers and retirees through a unique, holistic and comprehensive planning process called – The Hidden Wealth Solution – educating boomers and retirees in how to optimize their assets and maximize their income. The Hidden Wealth Solution provides Baby Boomers and retirees with direction, confidence and capability to make more, keep more and to pass more!

Chuck is a member of Top of the Table, an organization recognizing the top half of one percent of insurance and financial professionals worldwide.

He has been a guest on financial radio talk shows, a contributor to financial publications as well as a guest speaker at advanced financial planning events across the country.

He has also personally mentored and coached hundreds of financial professionals, CPA’s and Tax Attorneys across the country.

Chuck Oliver’s accomplishments:

  • Creator of The Hidden Wealth Solution
  • Two-Time Best-Selling Author of
    • “Power Principles for Success” Empower a Tax-Free Retirement Future
    • “Game Changers” Introducing the Tax-Free Business Owners Protected Pension Plan
  • Author of industry leading consumer educational books:
    • The Baby-Boomer Retirement Breakthrough The Unfair Advantage to a S.A.F.E. and Secure Retirement
    • What to do at 62” How To Maximize Social Security Benefits & How To Prevent Benefits From Being Taxed
    • My Debt into Wealth How To Be Debt Free While Building Wealth At The Same Time
  • Creator of
    • “The Portfolio Protection Plan”
    • Social Security Solved”
    • Home Equity Wealth”
    • The Safe 6% Savings Solution”
    • Executive Retirement Protection
Chuck Oliver
  • Fox TV News financial contributor
  • Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Newsweek, USA Today, ABC, NBC and CBS
  • National Radio Show Host of Hidden Wealth Radio
  • Featured columnist for Wealth Management, FloridaMD magazine
  • Member of PREP the Partnership for Retirement Education and Planning
  • Member NAIFA, National Association Insurance and Financial Advisors
  • Named to America’s PremierExperts® as a Wealth Strategist
  • Faculty for The Institute of Financial Enrichment and The National Institute of Financial Education
  • Top of the Table – The Premier Association of the top half of one percent of all Financial Professionals worldwide
  • Working as a Wealth Strategist in the planning industry since 1992


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