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The Hidden Wealth Solution – provides leading wealth strategy solutions for individuals and businesses.

For over two decades, The Hidden Wealth Solution team has helped people get their retirement accounts safe and has provided peace-of-mind for its clients. Our clients no longer lose sleep from worrying about their retirement or the fear of losing their accumulated wealth savings to taxes or the stock market.

Headquartered on International Parkway in Lake Mary, Florida, The Hidden Wealth Solution, led by Chuck Oliver, provides specialized expertise in the area of retirement savings and income protection. President, Chuck Oliver is recognized as one of the top half of one percent of all financial advisors in the United States. He is also a best-selling author, acclaimed business owner, community leader and nationally recognized speaker.

As part of our commitment to the communities in which we live, we are deeply involved with a select number of local and national charitable organizations. We are committed to empowering our clients to create unique and personally meaningful legacies. We offer safe, proven wealth creation and preservation solutions for our clients that are delivered using our unique process.

When it comes to selecting a financial management team, it’s important to choose a company with experience, expertise and a reputation you can count on. Chuck Oliver and our licensed financial professionals are trained to guide you through every element of the process to ensure that you are confident and clear. We are always able to answer your questions; we take the time to listen and to assist you with your plans for your financial future.

Charles Oliver

Charles Oliver is an industry recognized financial professional and best-selling author. Charles works with retirees, those who are about to retire, pre-retirees and their families, to address their financial uncertainties regarding retirement and retirement strategies. Primarily, he addresses their concerns regarding the effect of taxes, market risk, and the possibility of out-living their income. Charles Oliver is also a member of the Top of the Table, an organization recognizing the top half of one percent…... Learn More

Devin Patel

Devin Patel is a Licensed Insurance Professional at The Hidden Wealth Solution. He is our resident Investment Advisor Representative. In this role, he acts as a fiduciary for our clients, helping them structure institutional portfolio’s with as little as $25,000, giving them the opportunity to earn returns as if they were a $10 million institution or endowment. Devin is also a Certified Tax Master Strategist with Financial Gravity, helping business owners save an average of…... Learn More

Kirk Rossetter

Kirk Rossetter is The Hidden Wealth Solution’s Case Coordinator. Kirk manages all of the special designed cases for our Licensed Insurance Professionals. In this role, Kirk handles all of the administrative duties for each client from the start of the application process to every annual review. Kirk has previous experience in sales and medical billing. Originally from the Columbus, Ohio area, Kirk now resides in Winter Park.... Learn More

Neill Foshee

Neill is The Hidden Wealth Solution’s Practice Manager. He coordinates the daily office activities and our educational workshop/webinar events. He also manages all of the electronic and written communications between our home office in Lake Mary, Florida, the Licensed Insurance Professionals in the field and our clients. Neill previously served as the Director of Operations for the Reverse Mortgage Education Network, which was one of only two State of Florida approved mortgage broker continuing education…... Learn More

Debbie Klotter

Debbie Klotter is The Hidden Wealth Solution’s Strategic Office Assistant. She is responsible for providing leadership and results in the areas of executive assistance, project management, office administration and customer relations. Debbie began her relationship with The Hidden Wealth Solution as a client in 2009.  She referred several friends and co-workers to us before eventually joining the team.  Debbie retired from AT&T in 2011 with over 37 years of dedicated customer service.  During her tenure…... Learn More


Properly educate people to make intelligent decisions on how to save, grow and protect their money to enjoy a stress free, worry free comfortable retirement. Common sense solutions with measurable proven results. The Client is in control, no surprises, no fine print, no excuses. Imagine; More Money, More Time, More Peace of Mind! The Simple Truth is people deserve better. Believe in Better! People work hard for their money; we work even harder to protect…... Learn More

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Tax Free Income for Life

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