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retirement uncertainty

In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, retirement and uncertainty are the top two topics that we continue to hear about from Baby Boomers and retirees across the country. Despite the alarming surge in COVID-19 deaths and new cases, the stock market continues to tally record after record.

All of this uncertainty has many people worried about taxes and market crashes. I’ve heard from a number of people expressing fear because their retirement savings can’t take yet another hit from a stock market correction or crash. They are looking for ways to get their serious retirement savings safe and secure from crashes and also from the higher taxes that are coming.

Nilene was in her mid-sixties and already retired. She had been working with a friend who was with a national retail brokerage firm. Nilene’s concern was that the major piece of retirement planning that was never brought to the table was what to do to safeguard her savings from taxes.

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of excuses from advisors who don’t know how to plan for taxes. Some of the more common excuses are:

  • Taxes are a way of life
  • Death and taxes are certain
  • Taxes are just part of the equation

In my experience, these excuses are just not true.

Nilene’s mother lived past the age of 100. This creates a major longevity concern for Nilene. Nilene was worried that she would outlive her money. She needed to improve her retirement income because, over time, inflation would erode her buying power. She was also concerned about rising state and federal taxes.

These were Nilene’s goals:

  1. Tax Savings Planning
  2. Create a tax-free lifetime income that she cannot outlive
  3. Avoid Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  4. Eliminate market losses without sacrificing upside market gains
  5. Eliminate “phantom income” from her brokerage account

Nilene accomplished all of her goals. She was able to do a Roth conversion and use a little-known section of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to zero out the tax on her Roth conversion. She also created a tax-free, lifetime income that’s protected from market corrections and crashes.

Last year, this solution earned over 10%! In the previous two years, its averaged over 10%. In the last 10 years its earned over seven percent. All of these earnings occurred without taking any downside market risk.

Nilene told me that, at the end of the day, it’s all about getting her money S.A.F.E. S.A.F.E. is an acronym I’ll be teaching about in this coming Tuesday’s Wealth Protection Webinar. I’ll also be teaching about unique proprietary programs, all with a track record of proven results. The S in S.A.F.E. stands for secure from losses, which is the number one thing that people can do to protect their retirement.

How Can You Have certainty from retirement uncertainty?

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Let me leave you with one final thought. Austan Goolsbee, economic advisor to the Obama Administration, has suggested that we need more stimulus. He said that Congress should just take half a loaf now and come back for the rest of the loaf later. In other words, let’s just get what we can get stimulus wise now and then come back for more stimulus later. This kind of thinking will result in higher taxes and the easiest place to get more taxes is from your retirement savings and income.

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