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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Reviews, I teach about the equation to remove taxation. Many people have asked us how this is done. We use a solution known as the ten times tax deduction. Imagine, removing yourself from all the chaos, headaches, heartaches and uncertainty associated with taxation.  

Let me give you three examples that can remove taxes from your income, assets and inheritance:

  1. If you have high income, you can learn how to remove taxes from your income. Even if you are already retired, I will show how you can remove taxes from your retirement income.
  2. If you’ve saved a lot of money in 401(k)s and IRAs, learn how you can avoid those deferred taxes. This is important because, when tax rates increase in 2026, many tax-deferred savers will suddenly discover that they are facing a much higher than anticipated retirement tax bill.
  3. If you have assets such as a business or residential real estate, now may be a good time to exit, as these assets tend to under-perform in a slowing economy with high inflation. The solution is to offset the taxes on the sale to avoid the highest proposed capital gains tax in history (44.6%) and reinvest in a strategy with targeted, double-digit returns that are tax-free.

A client couple referred their high-income earning son to us. Our tax team was able to determine this particular gentleman will save at least $20,000 a year for the next 30 years. His money is now able to be in a position to earn at least 10% in one of our conservative, structured proprietary fund offerings. Using our solution, the redirected tax savings for his retirement is projected to grow to over $3.6 million! He will actually be able to retire well before his parents because he got a head start learning how to be tax smart.

We recently had a client couple use $100,000 in one of our tax savings solutions that has an 18%, tax-free return. Because this solution has a ten times tax deduction, this created a $1 million tax deduction. They then used this deduction to convert the rest of his traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, costing them zero dollars in tax! Their retirement savings and income are now out of the tax system and no more tax risk to them or their adult children.

    How Big is Your Retirement Tax Bill?

    Learn More About How To Remove Taxation

    Many people are unaware of the tax risk road they are traveling. Let me teach you how to remove your tax risk.

    We recently had clients place $100,000 into one of our tax savings solutions that has a double digit targeted, tax-free return. This solution has a high percentage tax deduction. They used this deduction to divest out of their rental properties with large gains. This strategy allowed them to offset their taxable gains completely. No more hassles or headaches of tenants and toilets! Less work, more return and all of it is tax free!

    If you have considered or you are looking to divest out of deferred compensation, stock options or business or real estate holdings and you want a solution that avoids the current market and future economic tax turbulence, we have a strategy in which you can place your money and get a tax deduction to cover the tax cost of selling out of your current assets. These solutions are particularly timely, considering the Biden administration’s proposed capital gains tax rate of 44.6%. Let me teach you how to avoid this proposed, historically high tax rate and how you can get totally tax-free, double-digit returns. This strategy is not dependent on the stock market, and it is structured with a more conservative approach than the real estate or the business you may own today.

    You work hard for your money! Imagine, learning the equation to remove taxation and to avoid being impacted by stagflation. Learn these strategies and more by registering for Tuesday’s no-cost, no-obligation webinar with these four simple steps:

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