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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Reviews, I teach about removing retirement fear in an election year. Whether you’re trying to get to, or better through retirement, there are a lot of things going on of which you need to be aware.

The harsh reality is that Bidenomics is a bunch of bunk! Even with the numbers manipulation in Washington, the numbers are so bad that even leading members of the president’s own party are now talking about how bad inflation is.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measures inflation at the consumer level, weighed in at 3.5%, which was way above the estimates. This caused the market to take a big dive. Even using the massively manipulated numbers, costs for you and I are now 3.5% higher than they were last March! Despite announcements to the contrary, the numbers are trending up, not down. For consumers, the costs are just not coming down.

On top of that, they are trying to change the taxes and the tax rules. They are specifically targeting the capital gains tax rules. If you are facing capital gains from the sale of real estate, a business or other appreciated asset, you need to get your money out of the tax system! This coming Tuesday, at my Tax Protecting Your Retirement webinar, I will be teaching strategies with track records of measurable results. These strategies use conservative, predictable, tax-advantaged offerings that feature double-digit returns, with low targeted risk and a high-income tax deduction.

We have clients who use these deductions to offset the tax costs of capital gains from divesting out of harder-to-manage rental real estate. Many clients use this deduction for converting their traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs, thus removing their savings from the tax system. We’ve taught them how to use one section of the tax code to offset another section. Don’t let taxes control you! Learn how you can control taxes at Tuesday’s webinar.

At Tuesday’s event, you’ll learn how our clients, Mark and Sue, used a strategy that provides a 10 times tax deduction. Imagine, using $100,000 to get a $1 million tax deduction! Mark and Sue used this deduction to Roth covert all their traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs, costing them zero out-of-pocket taxes. This strategy also:

  • Protects them from Required Minimum Distributions, which causes higher taxes in retirement.
  • Protects them from the next tax law changes that are being discussed that would prevent them from doing Roth conversions.
  • Protects their four adult children from any inherited IRA tax exposure!

Here are the facts:

In the last six months, small businesses have laid off over 100,000 people! In March alone, over 12,900 people were laid off in the small business sector. In the small manufacturing sector almost 11,000 jobs have vanished. That’s why Bidenomics is bunk!

Since Joe Biden took office prices, on average, have increased 18.6%.

Real wages and benefits have fallen 4.2%. Inflation has out-paced wages for 26 straight months. Mortgage rates are at a 23-year high, credit card interest rates are at a 30-year high and consumer debt is at an all-time high! If the economy was really doing that great, these statistics would not be where they are.

Over four million people will turn age 65 this year. Starting this summer, there will be over 12,000 people turning 65 every day! These people will begin pulling from Medicare and Social Security when there are fewer people paying into the system through payroll taxes (due to the increased number of layoffs).

Because of increasing inflation and prices, retirees will have to draw more on their retirement and brokerage accounts. These increased withdrawals raise their gross income, which results in higher taxes, requiring them to withdraw even more money to get the needed net income. Right now, we have a tax sale. The federal income tax rates are going to jump up in about 20 months.

How Big is Your Retirement Tax Bill?

Learn How To Remove Retirement Fear

The time to act to protect yourself from higher taxes is now! Go to and register for this Tuesday’s no-cost, no-obligation Tax Protecting Your Retirement webinar.

At this financial educational event, I will be teaching how you can use a tax deduction from one specific investment which allows you to offset capital gains taxes from the sale of appreciated real estate (or other assets). At The Hidden Wealth Solution, we work with a tax team of almost 600, U.S. based CPA firms to make sure that our clients are positioned in the most tax-advantaged way.

Our national deficit increases $1 trillion every hundred days, due to the size of the deficit and ever-increasing interest rates. This type of runaway deficit is unsustainable. The only way to balance a budget is to cut expenses (something the Biden administration is unwilling to do) or raise taxes. That’s why the proposed Biden budget contains over $4 trillion in new taxes. In addition, the budget would add $10 trillion in deficit spending! Our deficit spending this year is 50% higher than it was at this same point last year.

While there’s no end in sight for inflation, deficit spending, higher taxes and consumer prices, there are things you can do to protect yourself. Let me teach you how to remove your fear, in this election year, by getting your retirement income and assets out of the tax system. Register for Tuesday’s log on and learn event now by following these four simple steps:

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