If you’re a Baby Boomer or retiree who’s looking to thrive in retirement, learn how to remove your retirement from the future tax rate risk tightrope. If you’ve watched any of the Democratic debates, it’s clear that, once Donald Trump leaves office, taxes are going up in a hurry!

We share your frustration in witnessing how taxes are already reducing retirement for Boomers, even now, when taxes have never been lower! Many retirees are getting taxed to the max and some have shared that they thought it was too late for them to save tax. One retiree in his mid-eighties learned how to drastically reduce his Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and eliminate the IRS from the inheritance that he will leave to his only son.

Learn how to get off of the government’s higher tax risk tightrope. Learn how a Saving Tax Optimization Plan (S.T.O.P) analysis can reduce your taxes. We want to educate those of you who are interested in seeing the retirement tax rate risk road they are on by sending you our easy-to-understand resource, Retirement & Your Taxes Guide. 2020 is a critical year to learn how to protect your money. Learn how you can remove your IRAs from the IRS and get the government out your family’s future inheritance!

I’m reminded of Tammy, who just turned 60 years old. Tammy shared that she knows the government is gunning for her tax dollars. She now realizes that the IRS can change the rules in the middle of the game. We have to have a better plan for ourselves than the one that the IRS has for us. Tammy lost her husband a few years ago. She shared how they worked very hard to save the money she now has. She wants that money to eventually go to her sons. The last thing she wants is for the Federal government to end up with the bulk of the money.

Frank, mentioned earlier, is 85 years old. Frank lost his wife many years ago but he does have one son. RMDs are pushing him into the 37% tax bracket. Tax rates are currently at a 30 year low. Frank knows that, if Trump is not reelected or when he finishes his 2nd term, taxes are heading much higher.

Retirement today is drastically different than it was for prior generations. The old, traditional “hope and pray for your 401(k)” approach has proven not to work. The government has set its tax target on strong earning and saving Baby Boomers and it’s expecting them to pay more to make up for the government’s mismanagement of money.

The harsh reality is that the inheritance rules for IRAs have changed, for good! Many people are walking a ticking tax time bomb tightrope. But, it’s possible to avoid the tax time bomb tightrope by simply requesting our S.T.O.P analysis.

When you request your S.T.O.P. analysis, you’ll receive our Retirement & Your Taxes Guide. This insightful piece gives you the details on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the new SECURE Act. The SECURE Act forever changed the rules on inherited IRAs. These changes will result in higher taxes for all non-spouses who inherit an IRA.

Protect yourself and your family! Learn how to get the IRS out of your IRAs! If you have saved $200,000 or more in IRAs, go to TaxesSaved.com, request your tax-savings analysis and get our Retirement & Your Taxes Guide. Don’t worry, there’s no high pressure sales pitch or wasting of your time with that same old, worn out Wall Street “hope for the best” strategy.

One client erased over $1.2 million of future tax! Many clients who are already in retirement have learned how to increase their income by $1,500 a month or more by simply avoiding unnecessary taxes. Request your S.T.O.P. analysis and you’ll receive our Retirement & Your Taxes Guide. Learn how much tax you can save with our S.T.O.P. analysis now and learn how you can thrive in your retirement!


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