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Imagine, having a Saving Tax Optimization Plan!

We help Baby Boomer’s with large IRA’s, high taxable income and highly appreciated assets reduce and eliminate legally avoidable taxes.

We find many Baby Boomer’s typically work with traditional financial advisors and tax accountants that know what boxes to check and deadline dates to file certain forms. They are accustomed to having someone that tells them what they owe in tax versus strategizing with those that teach how much less tax is needed to be paid!

Learn how much tax you are over-paying and S.T.O.P. unnecessary taxes.

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Benefits of Strategic Tax Planning:

There is a significant difference between Tax Accounting and Strategic Tax Planning. Strategic Tax Planning is the proven and most effective way to not only move closer to realizing your goals, but identify potential pitfalls and gaps in your overall financial plan. Engaging in strategic tax planning can help lessen your tax burden, free-up more money to save or spend, and help you avoid mistakes that can result in penalties or paying more than your fair share. Strategic Tax planning is part of a comprehensive wealth architect directed approach to planning driven by your financial and lifestyle goals.