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Grandparents with grandchildren We help Baby Boomers and retirees thrive in retirement by protecting them from over-paying taxes and preventing their IRAs from becoming IOUs to the IRS. Traditional retirement planning doesn’t address the impact of or the avoidance of unnecessary taxes in both retirement and in passing on an inheritance. Baby Boomers and retirees are already uneasy and concerned about the risk of their retirement being reduced or not being able to reach retirement. The new SECURE Act IRA inheritance rule changes the risk of our children’s inheritance by leaving it open to be being stolen by the government! Learn how you can save more of your money in 2020. Request Your Saving Tax Optimization Plan Analysis and receive our easy to read, time sensitive Taxes and Your Retirement Guide. Imagine more time, more money and more memories! Learn how you can (S.T.O.P) unnecessary taxes on your retirement!

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How Others Have Benefitted!

My wife and I were very skeptical about these “unknown” strategies that Chuck and the Hidden Wealth folks were proposing but the proof is in the pudding. Since Dec 2018’ (even with the big drop in the market on Christmas eve) we are up over $60,000 between growth on products and Tax savings. The tax team completed our taxes and instead of paying this year we received a substantial return. The hardest part about “not following the crowd” is understanding that the indoctrination we received as children, to save and invest, offers no real world solution to withdrawing that money in retirement without giving Uncle Sam a huge chunk of it. Make a reservation, It will open your eyes.

-Ann and Chris O St Augustine, FL

Benefits of Strategic Tax Planning:

There is a significant difference between Tax Accounting and Strategic Tax Planning. Strategic Tax Planning is the proven and most effective way to not only move closer to realizing your goals, but identify potential pitfalls and gaps in your overall financial plan. Engaging in strategic tax planning can help lessen your tax burden, free-up more money to save or spend, and help you avoid mistakes that can result in penalties or paying more than your fair share. Strategic Tax planning is part of a comprehensive wealth architect directed approach to planning driven by your financial and lifestyle goals.