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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I discuss what’s going to happen to our money once we go outside of 2020. I want you to know that, there’s little time to protect your money in 2020. The time to learn, secure and protect your retirement money while we’re still in 2020 is coming to a close.

This past week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that if the Democrats can control both the House and the Senate and Joe Biden becomes President, they will bring an enormous amount of stimulus. Someone is going to have to pay for this stimulus and that someone is going to be you and me in the form of higher taxes! Joe Biden has already promised higher taxes!

Don’t be misled by Joe Biden’s claim that his tax increases will only affect those making over $400,000 a year. If you start charging more tax on the makers then companies pay more tax and have less discretionary income or revenue. This results in paying employees less and everyone paying more for the cost of goods and services. When this happens, the stock market doesn’t perform because companies are less profitable, which puts everyone in a worse economic position.

Jim and Kathy, our clients from Georgia, are both in their early sixties. Jim is a CPA and he’s looking to retire. Kathy is a retired CPA already. They were not aware of a provision in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) that allows them to move over $400,000 from their IRAs into a Roth IRA and pay zero tax dollars on the conversion. This provision is available to those who have a net worth of $1 million or more. This provision has been in the TCJA since it took effect in 2017, but no one had ever told them about it.

Jim told me that the challenge they had was knowing what to do and when to do it. The “What to do?” is specific to your situation. The “When to do it?” is before tax rates go up and the deduction goes away!

Many people have told me that they don’t have time to go through another major market downturn. They are wondering what to do in order to protect themselves. This coming Wednesday, at my Wealth Protection Webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn proven techniques that have a track record of measurable results. Solutions where you’re in charge! Learn how you can reduce your risk, increase your returns and cut your costs. Learn how you can have retirement income accounts with only upside market gains with no downside losses.

Many people are unaware of the difference between retail investing and institutional investing. Most people are into retail investing. Institutional investing, on average, lowers people’s risk by 50% while increasing their return by two or three percent. This is exactly what Jim and Kathy were able to do!

They’ve positioned themselves with less exposure. They’ve given themselves protected income that has no exposure and they eliminated the IRS from their IRAs. They’ve insulated their IRAs from the IRS and they’ve protected their adult son from any inheritance tax.

The time to protect your money from crashes and unnecessary taxes is 2020.

This coming Wednesday, at my Wealth Protection Webinar, I will be teaching how you can still save taxes and protect your money in 2020. This will likely be the last opportunity for those who are serious about getting their savings safe in 2020.

This event is for those who have a net worth of $1,000,000 dollars or more as well as for those who have saved at least $500,000 or more in IRAs and 401(k)s and who want to protect their money while we’re still in 2020. Let’s get to work!

To register, follow these four simple steps:

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Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email containing a personal access link to join Wednesday’s event. Don’t forget to add it to your calendar!

This no-cost, no-obligation educational event will teach you how to protect your serious savings, avoid unnecessary taxes for yourself and how to avoid passing taxes along to your children.

Register for your preferred webinar time now because these events have proven to fill up fast. Those who attend this event will receive a complimentary copy of my latest eBook, The Baby Boomer Retirement Breakthrough-The Unfair Advantage to a Safe and Secure Retirement.

Spouses and Significant Others are Encouraged to Attend This Event Together

Note: We serve Boomers and Retirees all over the Unites States. We have an efficient, supported process to meet online, as have been doing for over 20 years. Our online meetings are private, the access is restricted and we never share our meeting link with anyone who’s not a part of the meeting.

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