Nancy Graves, Astor, FL

My husband Sandy and I came to see Chuck in the spring of 2011 and were intrigued to find a way to protect and grow my 401k money. Sandy was retired from the fire department with a small pension, and after 11 years with a company, I had a small amount of money in a 401k. Although it wasn’t much (under $100,000) it was better than nothing and we hated to have it exposed to the fluctuations of the stock market. So we decided to go with Chuck’s strategy, and in early July, had our physical exams to determine our qualifications for life insurance. Sandy (in his early 60’s) had recently lost some weight, and through diet and exercise was keeping it off, as well as improving his cholesterol and triglyceride levels and his blood pressure. We thought we were both pretty healthy and felt there would be no problem with either one of us being approved for insurance.

Well, a couple of weeks later, while we were vacationing with family in Myrtle Beach, Sandy suffered a major heart attack. We were actually on the beach when it happened. Sandy had worked as a paramedic for 17 years and knew well the symptoms, and also what to do to while waiting for treatment. While I was running to the lifeguard stand to have the lifeguard radio for an ambulance, Sandy slowly walked up to the road (where he knew they would find him easier) and laid down in the grass in the shade of a tree. A cop came by and Sandy asked him if he had any aspirin. He did! He gave one to Sandy and then a beach patrol guy came by – and he had oxygen, which he quickly administered. By now, the medics were on their way and I located him lying in the grass. When I knelt down next to him the first thing he said to me was, “Well, I guess now there’s no way I’ll be approved for the life insurance.” I remember saying something like, “My God, don’t even worry about that right now!” But, I guess when you are a man who takes providing for your family very seriously, those are the things you think about when you are faced with death.

It all turned out okay. Sandy was rushed to the cath lab at the hospital (giving instructions to the rookie medic on the way) and received two stents, quickly re-establishing blood flow to his heart, with minimal damage to the tissue. I was approved for the life insurance policy and now, after one year, we see that our investment performed 10% better than predicted. We are grateful that we made the decision when we did, and feel certain that it will serve us well in the future!

Nancy Graves
Astor, FL

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