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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach how to have tax freedom. We now have approval to use 47 proven, tax-savings strategies on our CPA approved platform. These solutions allow you to navigate the tax system to your advantage, as opposed to the Biden administration navigating the tax system to take advantage of you!

Over time, Congress has enacted laws to stimulate economic activity.  However, these opportunities often remain hidden within the intricate tax code. When strategically harnessed, these hidden solutions can significantly reduce tax burdens. We teach our clients how they can get a predictable, guaranteed return on their taxes.

The exclusive Hidden Wealth Tax Credit program provides a “tax credit” that our clients use to convert their IRAs to Roth IRAs (with zero conversion tax). This tax credit can also be used to remove income and asset taxes.

How do we get a predictable, guaranteed return on tax? We are able to do this by using our approved tax-savings solutions to remove tax on income, Roth conversions, pensions, Social Security, Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), capital gains, Medicare and inheritances. Removing 20% to 30% average tax creates a guarantee of 20% to 30% (or more) of a return on tax. The average tax savings we are finding per client is $80,000!

The focus on finding more taxes is coming from all directions; Federal, state, capital gains, property taxes, etc. What states do when they lose taxpayers is a great example of this focus. There has been a notable exodus of millionaires from the state of New York in recent years. Data indicates that 9,708 millionaires left the state between 2019 and 2022. The speculation is that high taxes are driving the wealthy out of high income tax states like New York.

Bloomberg reports that New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance employs auditors specifically for residency audits. These investigations determine whether individuals have correctly declared themselves as full-time, part-time, or nonresidents for state income tax purposes. One tax attorney describes a tax audit from New York as the “tax version of a colonoscopy.”

Many people are still unaware that this administration has proposed $7.3 trillion of new taxes in order to fund the bulging Biden budget which is designed to pay for an even bigger federal government. To fund their government expansion and vote-getting give away programs, this administration is coming after you and I!

Let me ask you a question. If you were going to be in business, would you take on a business partner who didn’t tell you the percentage of the business they were going to take, until they determined what they wanted to take? If you have a large IRA or 401(k) and/or if you are still socking away money into tax-deferred vehicles, thinking you are saving taxes, you are sadly, not saving taxes. You are simply deferring & compounding your taxes.

These tax-deferred savings programs were created when the top federal marginal tax rate was 70%. Right now, taxes are on sale due to the Trump-era Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). When the TCJA expires, tax rates will immediately return to their previous levels or even higher, depending on how much the Biden administration determines it wants to take. They not only do they want to take from you, but they also want to take from your children, who will be saddled with a large tax burden when they inherit your IRA.


– High income earners are learning how to eliminate taxes from their income and use the saved income taxes towards an earlier retirement.

– Business sellers and real estate sellers are learning how to sell without taxes and how to reposition their tax-free proceeds so that they stay tax-free.

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