In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I warn that there’s never been a better time to have a tax protection and future tax rate risk prevention plan. This is a warning to those with high IRA account values, high taxable income or who have sold highly appreciated assets. The Democrats are busy trying to find as many ways to tax you as they can.

The current tax rates may be the lowest that most people will ever experience. In the last debate, Senator Elizabeth Warren stated that it’s not going to be enough just to tax income, wealth will have to be taxed as well. Warren was called out by her own party for not being honest about how much her tax proposals would really cost. The uncertainty of next year’s election carries the complete certainty that one party is all about raising taxes.

Stephen Moore, from, recently shared that many liberal politicians long for a return to punitive tax rates on the rich as a way to reduce income inequality. If we raise tax rates to above 50%, businesses and capital will flee to countries with lower taxes. This is exactly what happened to the economies in France, Greece and Venezuela when they devised new tax strategies to soak the rich.

Grover Norquist, the founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform stated, “The government should focus on reforming itself, rather than shoving its fat hand into your family’s pocket.”

Grover Norquist recently published an article stating that federal taxes and spending are too high. He believes that taxes and spending should be reduced by reforming government so that it costs less. Norquist says that politicians only focus on reforming government to cost less when the citizens take higher taxes off of the table.

Economic growth increases tax revenues not by hiking taxes, but by having more Americans working with higher wages. In this way, the same tax rates bring the government more money, not less.

Norquist says that some people like the idea of taxing the other, in order to punish the successful. He warns that this damages all Americans as jobs, income and growth fall. Envy, which leads to very bad decisions, is a character flaw, not a political program.

There’s never been a better time than right now to devise and implement a tax protection and future tax rate risk prevention plan. We currently have the lowest tax rates that most of us will see in our adult lifetimes. If you want to save taxes in 2019, the time to do so is now! You cannot save taxes in 2019 once the year is over.

Because the time to save taxes is limited, if you seriously want to save on your taxes in 2019, email Please be sure to give your name, best phone number and the best time of day to reach you between 9:00 AM Eastern and 7:00 PM Eastern. If you are in a time zone other than Eastern, please convert you desired local contact time to Eastern time. Also, please include a brief narrative describing the particular tax challenge that you are facing. NOTE: we need all of the requested information in order to reach you.

If you prefer, you can go to to fill out and submit our web form. When you submit your request this way, you will receive an email that allows you to download a couple of really insightful articles by Stephen Moore and Grover Norquist. Because time is so short, we will be serving clients on a first come, first served basis. You need to hurry in order to save tax!

You’ve worked hard for your money. The government, especially those on left, believe that it’s all about tax. If you want to legally, ethically and morally avoid that tax, the time to take action is now, while tax rates are low.

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Here’s to your Hidden Wealth,
Chuck Oliver
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