In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review I want to point out that many of the current headlines do not favor President Trump. The headlines seem to be aimed at every one of his policies. This is what is causing the current climate of uncertainty.

This uncertainty has led to record stock gains, mixed in with a few market drops. The general upward trend since January has many people wondering when this rally will end and, when it does, will it result in a catastrophic sell-off?  

I want to alert you to the need to guard against economic uncertainty. Right now, uncertainty is at a higher level than it ever has been! The list of woes that contribute to this uncertainty is too long to recount here. 

I want to teach you how you can control this uncertainty. Right now, you can choose to have the ability to lock in these favorable Trump Market Rally gains. Locking in these gains now will protect your serious retirement savings from the next major market correction. Many people have shared their concerns about a market that goes up and down without really going anywhere. This market pattern erodes the purchasing power of your retirement savings and results in little to no growth.

Let me ask you a question. Can you afford to lose 20% (or more) of your retirement savings? Over the past year, some of our clients earned over 15%, tax-free! Best of all, these gains are locked-in and safeguarded from future market erosion.

I want to teach you a “smarter over harder” way to safeguard your serious retirement savings. Imagine, your principal is protected and you always enjoy upside market gains without the threat of downside risks. This safe savings solution provides you with retirement peace-of-mind and tax-free retirement income.

Join us this coming Tuesday for my no-cost, no-obligationRetirement Protection Webinar and learn what you can do to keep your Trump Market Rally gains for yourself. To register, please go to and enter the required information. I encourage couples to attend this event together.

When you register and attend, you’ll receive an e-copy of my latest book, The Baby Boomer Retirement Breakthrough, where you will learn the top five retirement risks and solutions you can use to avoid them.
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