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Amidst all this negative noise, quarantines and media-driven confusion, instead focusing on the obstacles, I want to teach you about timely and important opportunities. I want to teach what you can do to position your retirement planning for added safety and security for true financial peace-of-mind. Imagine, a recession proof, crash proof, tax-protected retirement. Learn how you can get ahead instead of just get back to try and survive retirement. Learn how our clients are thriving in retirement.

Log on and learn exactly what our clients have done to protect themselves from major market moves such as the ones we’ve seen over the last 30 days. Our clients haven’t been losing money like those who have their savings in traditional retirement (big name retail) brokerages. Many people have contacted us regarding how they can have solutions like the ones we taught their friends and family. Solutions that provide the highest returns with little and even some with no downside risk. These accounts have lost either no money or the losses are a fraction of what others have lost.

This coming Tuesday, I will be teaching my just updated Retirement Protection Webinar. If you’re quarantined or self-isolating, now is an ideal time to think about your thinking as it relates to reinventing your retirement. The market is going to continue to be volatile. Make a good investment of your time to discover how you can protect yourself from the current market volatility madness and insulate yourself from future stock market declines. Many experts are predicting further significant drops in the stock market.

Many years ago, a mentor of mine told me that, “All progress begins with the truth.” Seeing the truth of how exposed you are can be a harsh reality. We have a tool that will show you how vulnerable you are in your current stock market allocation position. This analysis will show you how much you will lose in major market downturns. We’ve seen loss projections as high as 52% to 58% without a black swan event such as a life threatening virus. These clients were amazed because some of them even thought that they were allocated conservatively.

This easy to follow analysis also shows the return that has been consistently earned over ten and twenty year periods, regardless of what your prospectus may read or what your broker is telling you. You can then compare that to the return you would get if you customized your risk to your desired level in a rarely understood, existing institutional designed portfolio. You will learn how to maximize your upside gains for the lowest downside risk that you decide. The portfolio stress test and performance analysis has enabled 99% of clients to improve their return and lower their risk at the same time. Clients are amazed to learn they can be in control. Now is the time to act! This is why our clients, in their growth accounts, have experienced a far less reduction in values than other people.

Another retirement protection solution looks at the performance of clients who wanted retirement income protection. It shows the difference of comparing a $500,000 investment in the traditional retirement approach versus a differently engineered, no exposure to losses solution. Over the last twenty years, people using our approach have over $1 million more than those who just followed the crowd and used traditional retirement vehicles such as 401(k)s and IRAs that use a traditional S&P 500 modeled portfolio.

We’ll also discuss tax-savings solutions during Tuesday’s event. Taxes were already going to eventually go up. The currently projected $1.3 trillion coronavirus economic stimulus package is clearly going to escalate taxes, regardless of who is elected in November. What did you expect? Those who save the hardest always get taxed the hardest. Learn how to get the IRS out of your IRAs and how to remove Uncle Sam from your children’s inheritance while giving yourself a safe, secure, reliable and predictable retirement.

I will teach that you don’t even need to use your principal for reliable retirement income or predictable returns. This solution allows you to earn consistent retirement returns of 7% to 9% without using your principal. This way, you have an income that’s generated from the return on your money. This allows you to keep more, live more and leave more. This strategy can also be designed to be very tax-efficient with a strategic tax-free Roth conversion.

Learn now how you can protect your retirement savings from recessions, avoid market corrections and remove the risk of rising taxes. With the coronavirus and the uncertainty of this election, Baby Boomers and retirees can safeguard their serious retirement savings with proven solutions. My Wealth Protection Webinar will teach you timely solutions where you’re in control. No surprises. Let’s get to work!

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P.S. You’ve worked hard for your money, we will work even harder to protect it!

Charles Oliver
Wealth Strategist | Best-Selling Author
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