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Retirement Income Tax

In this week’s Hidden Wealth Reviews, I teach that retirement income tax freedom is possible. We met with two client couples this past week. One couple was in their early fifties and the other couple was in their early eighties. Interestingly, both couples had the same goal, to pay as little tax as is legally possible.

Many people contact us to discover how they can get their retirement income tax-advantaged by eliminating or mitigating unnecessary taxes. I’ll be teaching how you can do this at Tuesday’s Wealth Protection Webinar.

Before they spoke with us, the two client couples had no idea that the solutions we showed them even existed. They were also looking for safer returns and an environment where those returns stay ahead of inflation. Banks are appearing less stable these days and their taxable returns are just 4% (or lower). The stock market will continue to swing on news of higher inflation, increasing interest rates and the debt ceiling debacle.

The Personal Consumption Expenditure Index, a key inflation indicator, rose in April. This has a ripple effect on other areas. For example, office real estate has hit its 2009 low. This decline is largely due to the rise of remote work and financial pressures on businesses. This decline in office rentals has a ripple effect on businesses that depend on the personal consumption of workers to boost their revenue.

In a surprising example of how things are changing, Costco posted lower-than-expected quarterly earnings as consumers curtailed non-essential spending. Like many other retailers, Costco witnessed a decline in demand for high-margin products such as home furnishings, jewelry, toys and electronics, as shoppers focused on purchasing essential items such as packaged food and groceries.

Everything is changing. Let me ask you a question, is the same plan that got you to where you are right now the best plan to take you from here forward? A lot of people have recently told me that the plan they have now is no longer working for them.

That brings me to the subject of Tax Freedom Day. This is a concept that aims to calculate the first day of the year on which the nation (as a whole) has theoretically earned enough income to pay all of its federal, state and local taxes. Depending on an individual’s tax situation, this day can personally occur sometime between April and May. The average Tax Freedom Day is April 16th. Learn how you can have not just retirement Tax Freedom Day, but learn how to permanently lower your taxes.

Click Here to learn how the couple in their fifties and the couple in their eighties were able to gain control over their retirement accounts and to eliminate unnecessary taxes from their retirement equation.

Our client couple in their fifties learned how to get complete control of their 401(k)s. This is significant because most 401(k) plans do not allow you to access your funds until you’re nearly 60 years old. However, if you’re still working and you’re 59 and a half years old or older, you can get access to your 401(k) while you are still working for the employer and start taking tax savings matters into your own hands. Gaining access before the official in-service 401(k) rollover qualifying age is possible and the sooner the better for savings taxes!

These two couples learned to use a unique strategy that allowed them to offset the taxes due on converting their traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs. These converted accounts are no longer subject to taxes and they won’t cause higher taxes due to forced Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for those that wait too long.

Contrast this with the couple in their eighties who didn’t need or want their RMDs because they were causing them to pay higher taxes. They were also concerned about losing income when one of them passes. We taught them that they could make up for a significant portion of the lost income by getting rid of the unnecessary taxes they were paying on their forced IRA distributions. We provided them with a solution that not only eliminated unnecessary taxes, but earned over 15% last year, a year in which the stock market was down 20%.

As one client recently said, “We are highly motivated to find tax laws to work in our favor and to not share any extra with the IRS.” I want to teach you how you can save taxes as well as prevent taxes.


Your work hard for your money. Don’t let the government take advantage of you. Learn how to use the tax code to legally, morally and ethically take advantage of lower taxes.

This Tuesday, I will teach you how to not share any of your extra with the IRS. Register now for Tuesday’s Wealth Protection Webinar and learn proven solutions with track records of measurable success.

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