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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I want to give you some good news amidst all of the chaos. With all of the quarantining and self-isolation, Baby Boomers and retirees are finding that now is a crucial time to de-risk and protect retirement. We’ve found that many people are unaware of the actual retirement risk road on which they’re traveling. Let me ask you a question, where did you expect to be today with regards to your retirement? No one saw the coronavirus coming. There are many who feel the market hasn’t fallen as far as a lot of economists are predicting. De-risk your retirement and position your retirement savings to be risk ready.

Risk can cut both ways. You can be unaware of the risk that could take your account down even further if the recovery doesn’t happen quickly. You can also not catch the upside of the market as quickly when it does recover. What about a real solution where you’re in control? The hope is for a “V” shaped recovery. Many experts are predicting a “U” shaped recovery. There are many top economists who project a “W” recovery, which means more downside risk is a given! Are you ready for the coming stock market whipsaw (especially leading into the November election)?

We recently met with a gentleman in Arizona. He confessed that he was really fearful to open his account statement until after he met with us. He wanted to know if it was still possible for him to retire in two years. No one should have to be scared of opening the mail because they are fearful of what they’ll find. Unfortunately, the coronavirus black swan event has made many people fearful about their retirement future. At The Hidden Wealth Solution, we believe that you should focus on the future, not be fearful of it. You deserve to learn how you can make the most, take the least risk and pay the lowest cost possible, thereby keeping the most.

Because the market is currently acting like a yo-yo, up one day and down the next, earning higher returns on personally traded accounts over professionally managed accounts can happen, if you’re in the general market. At The Hidden Wealth Solution, we show you, though a simple layman’s analysis, the absolute risk you are taking in relation to the returns that you’re earning. Then, we learn from you your level of risk tolerance. This analysis gives you the ability to de-risk retirement. It’s giving many people new insights. In every case, people have been able to lower their risk and increase their return. In some cases, clients have doubled their returns while simultaneously cutting their risk in half.

Another benefit of the analysis is that clients are able to cut their costs. One of those costs is taxes. Regardless of how quickly the recovery occurs, having the greatest amount of returns for the least amount of cost is only going to allow you to weather the retirement storm that much better. Imagine, more financial success, more time with family and less worry.

Remove retirement uncertainty by de-risking your retirement. Discover the risk you’re taking compared to the returns you’re getting. Reduce your risk, increase your return and your personal recovery will happen that much faster. Don’t fall for the old Wall Street “stay and pray” investment strategy. Believe in better!

Hope is not a strategy. Knowing exactly where you are and to what risk you’re exposed verses where you could be much faster with that much less exposure is key! This coming Tuesday, I will be teaching my Retirement Protection Webinar. I’m excited to share with you how clients all over the country have been able to cut their risk by as much as half while doubling their returns. In many cases, our clients are able to cut their costs (some by as much as half) and remove unnecessary taxes from their retirement equation by using our common sense solutions.

To register for this no-cost, no-obligation educational event, go to, enter your information and submit the registration. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email containing a personal link to join Tuesday’s event. Reminder, the space for each specific time available fills up quickly. There’s no sales pitch, no surprises and no fine print. If you want to protect the most amount of your money, the time to do so is 2020.

Register for your preferred webinar time now. Those who attend this event will receive an e-copy of my latest book, The Baby Boomer Retirement Breakthrough-The Unfair Advantage to a Safe and Secure Retirement.

You’ve worked hard for your money. Let us teach you how you can protect that money by recovering faster, with less risk, lower costs and no unnecessary taxes. Let’s get to work!

Note: We serve Boomers and Retirees all over the Unites States. We have an efficient, supported process to meet online, as have been doing for over 20 years. Our online meetings are private, the access is restricted and we never share our meeting link with anyone who’s not a part of the meeting. Let’s get to work!

Charles Oliver
Wealth Strategist | Best-Selling Author
We help Baby Boomers and Retirees thrive in retirement through a clear retirement road map that provides market correction and tax protection to optimize income and assets!