In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach about the number one thing that’s preventing boomers from having their best retirement. After almost 25 years as a Wealth Architect, the number one thing I’ve seen that makes the most difference in retirement is the understanding of the significant difference between planning for retirement versus planning at retirement.

This is the same today as it was when I started in retirement planning over 20 years ago. But today, understanding the impact of this is even more critical, due to age demographics. In the U.S., 10,000 people turn 65 years of age every day. In addition, 10,000 people retire every day, usually between the ages of 62 and 67 years old. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the government as to where to find taxes and the money needed to keep Social Security and Medicare stable. This creates a whole host of challenges.

In my upcoming book, I use the acronym “RISK.” RISK stands for:

  • Retirement
  • Income
  • Stability
  • Knowledge

RISK is the stability you enjoy when your income outlives you, verses you outliving your income.

Recently I’ve been using the analogy of Mount Everest. Eighty percent of the deaths on Mount Everest occur on the way down from the summit. Coming down the mountain requires you to take a different path than the one you took going up the mountain. The same can be said for retirement planning. When you’re planning for retirement, the focus is on accumulation. This equates to going up the mountain, where the planning focus is on ascending. Unfortunately, in both climbing and retirement, the plan for coming down the mountain (planning at retirement), is less detailed and focused.

I want to teach you how major college football and basketball coaches, former presidents and friends and neighbors just like you have been able to more than double their retirement income. By using our proven solution with a track record of measurable results, they enjoy upside market gains without downside losses.

Don’t be fooled by the fraudulent “stay and pray” investment scheme. Learn how you can reinvent your retirement and remove your risk.

Join me this coming Tuesday when I’ll be teaching my Wealth Protection Webinar. This no cost, no obligation educational event will teach you how you can retire your risk and more than double your retirement income.

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I encourage you to register for your preferred webinar time now, because these events fill up fast.  For those who attend this event, I will gift you a copy of my latest book, The Baby Boomer Retirement Breakthrough-The Unfair Advantage to a Safe and Secure Retirement.

NOTE: This is a log-on and learn webinar, not a live workshop. You will need a laptop or PC to join. It is strongly suggested that you NOT use an iPad or hand held device for this event. Our proven retirement and financial solutions are best for; people positioning themselves for retirement or who want to navigate better to or through their retirement. People who have saved $200,000 or more for retirement. People who are wanting to determine if they are maximizing and optimizing their retirement planning. Boomers who want to pay the least amount of taxes on income, reduce or eliminate tax on their Social Security and create a sustainable, increasing, lifetime income for both spouses.

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