In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach that the final presidential debate is over and it is clear that one candidate wants to raise taxes to a never-before-seen level. The other candidate wants to cut taxes, stimulate growth, create jobs and get the economy back on track.

Learn the top three hidden taxes:

  1. Rising Hidden Taxes – Federal tax rates will be increased big time. The capital gains tax could go as high as 47%!
  2. Benefits Manipulated Hidden Taxes:
    1. “Cost of Living Tax” which results from reduced cost of living increases. The Social Security Administration just announced a whopping $4.00 to $5.00 monthly increase. Retirees will be taxed on up to 85% of their Social Security income benefits,
    2. Increased Benefits Tax Medicare premium increases are coming and decreased Social Security benefits are around the corner,
    3. Means Testing is coming for certain income and asset consumers. It’s estimated that the projected Social Security Trust Fund insolvency could reduce Social Security income benefits by as much as $7,500 annually!
  3. Indirect Savings Tax Government stimulus rate reductions have resulted in zero interest rates for savings for the last eight years (and counting). These lost interest returns are a hidden Federal Reserve tax. Because many people have moved their money from low-yield banking products into the stock market, their retirement savings are exposed to the coming market correction or predicted crash. This indirect tax is one from which many people may never recover.

It’s time to get tax-free! I want to teach you how to legally,  ethically and morally eliminate taxes on your retirement savings as well as your retirement income. A client recently told me, “I don’t want to make the government the biggest beneficiary of our (my husband and I) life’s work. I want that money to go to my children. I want you to teach me how it’s done.”

Learn how you can be retirement tax-free. Go to right now and enter the required information. But hurry, because there is so much anticipation of higher taxes after the election, the seats for these events have been filling quickly.

Spouses are strongly urged to attend this event together. Learn how to avoid making the government your biggest beneficiary.
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