In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach that this is the year of retirement reform. I encourage you to reform your retirement before the government reforms it for you.

To separate “myth-conceptions” from retirement reality, I want to teach you about the five major retirement planning myths. Baby Boomers should avoid these retirement derailing obstacles that the IRS and Wall Street placed in front of them when they rigged the retirement game.

1.Retirees enjoy lower tax brackets. Marginal tax rates are lower than they’ve been in 30 years. Taxes are likely the lowest they may ever be in our lifetimes. The fact is that tax rates will only rise in the future. You can’t afford to just assume that you will keep paying taxes at the same rate once you stop working.

2. The stock market is a safety net. Lately, the market has been performing well. It’s easy to forget that we may not see the types of future returns we saw in the 30 years prior to 2000. Beware, market returns are much different today. The proof is in the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2008 and 2009. Market losses in these years caused many Baby Boomers to lose over 50% twice in ten years. Learn how to insulate your retirement savings from stock market losses.

3. Social Security is another safety net. Some people expect Social Security to be one of their main sources of income in retirement. Social Security income can increase your taxes and you can be penalized if you don’t follow the right strategy.

4. You can always keep working. Eighty percent of workers plan to continue to work after retiring. Most of them plan to do so in order to maintain adequate cash flow and insurance coverage. An early departure from the workforce can derail many a retirement.

5. 70% to 80% of pre-retirement income is enough. This old rule of thumb has run its course. This theory assumes that your mortgage is satisfied, that your children are grown and independent and that work expenses are a thing of the past. It also assumes that you are consuming less.

Learn how you can legally avoid paying unnecessary tax on the growth, use and legacy transfer of your retirement savings. Learn how you can shield your retirement from today’s economic and political uncertainty.

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