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Let me ask you a question. How much more is Joe Binden hidin’? Hidin’ is a shortened, commonly spoken form of the word, hiding. Hiding is defined as the act of covering up, concealing or keeping secret.

Biden and his administration are not being honest with the American people in terms of the southern border, taxes, inflation and the President’s coined term “shrinkflation”, which is raising prices while reducing the amount of product in a package in order to gain more revenue. Companies are being forced to charge more for their goods because record high inflation is lowering their bottom line in a back breaking way. At the end of the day, when the costs of production become too expensive due to inflation, companies have to pass those costs along to consumers otherwise, they would go out of business.

President Biden wants to blame corporate greed for high prices and shrinkflation. His support of higher wages for the United Auto Workers union is in stark contrast to the claim that he is brining inflation down. American’s deserve the truth about our current economic situation!

Let me ask you another question. Are you better off now than you were three years ago? The truth is that gasoline prices are up 40% and food prices have risen 25%. Overall costs, across the board, are up 17% and credit card debt is at an all time high! It’s obvious that Joe Biden doesn’t understand the impact of the high inflation his administration has caused and the harsh reality of his touted “Bidenomics.”

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Ron and Pam wanted to retire in the immediate future; one of them this year and the other in 2025. They were concerned about the impact of taxes on their income and on their Social Security benefits.

We showed them how to eliminate $15,000 in just Social Security tax. We taught them a little-known tax strategy that allowed them to use a deduction to offset Roth conversion taxes. Using this unique solution, they moved $300,000 from their traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, costing them zero in conversion taxes! Now they have a complete wealth optimization plan which will, moving forward, remove their retirement income and assets from the IRS and Uncle Sam.

Paul and Faith have been retired for a while. Their Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) were financially eating them alive. They were also concerned that they would pass on a large tax liability to their sons.

They had saved well for retirement and they have IRA funds that they will not need to spend. They were looking for a tax-free family wealth transfer. We showed them how they could have a truly comprehensive plan that addresses taxes, inflation, market deterioration and legacy planning.

We showed Paul and Faith how they could use a $50,000 investment to generate a $300,000 tax deduction! This allowed them to move $300,000 from Paul’s traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, with no taxes paid out of their pocket!

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