Orlando, FL – May 1, 2020 – Hidden Wealth Radio, hosted by Chuck Oliver, the Founder & CEO of The Hidden Wealth Solution, is a national syndicated Baby Boomer and Retiree retirement education show in cities across the country, Hidden Wealth Radio now expands within the great Midwest; Hidden Wealth Radio in Chicago, Illinois on 890 AM WLS on Saturday at 1pm-2pm CST.

With over two decades of experience in comprehensive retirement planning and being recognized in the top one percent of financial planners, Chuck Oliver and the Hidden Wealth Solution team have built a reputation among Baby Boomers and Retirees for teaching clients how to optimize their retirement to thrive in retirement by teaching clients how to discover and uncover their hidden wealth for asset optimization and income maximization addressing taxes, market risk, inflation and legacy.

He is an advocate of education being the key ingredient to find the best retirement planning outcome so Boomers and Retirees can thrive in retirement. His clients vary in geography and span from Central Florida across the U.S. to the west coast, Midwest and up and down the eastern seaboard.

Oliver added “I am grateful to announce my weekly broadcast in Chicago, Illinois where baby boomers and retirees can learn the safe, proven solutions to secure their retirement. Each Saturday and Sunday I host our wealth protection educational insights radio show. I am excited to share strategies on key topics helping Baby boomers and Retirees in how 2020 is a key year to protect retirement money and strategically removing the IRS from your IRA’s, while eliminating Uncle Sam from your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance to how reduce risk and increase returns, to having safe money contracts that provide upside opportunity with downside protection. I encourage retirees and those looking ahead to retirement to invest time to think about their own customized retirement strategy each weekend. It may be one of the best investments in the very volatile economic climate that find boomers and Retirees concerned about either still reaching retirement or in how to avoid not having to reduce their retirement!”

Listeners can tune into the following radio stations to hear Oliver’s weekly broadcast:

Orlando, FL
93.1 FM / 540 AM WFLA
Saturday 11am–12pm EST
Sunday 1pm–2pm EST

Tampa, FL
970 AM News Radio
Sunday 11am–12pm EST

Phoenix, AZ
Sunday 11am-12pm MST

Jacksonville, FL
104.5 FM WOKV
Sunday 11am –12pm EST

Dayton, OH
95.7 FM WHIO
Sunday 9am-10am EST

Chicago, IL
890 AM WLS
Saturday 1pm-2pm CST

To follow Oliver’s weekly retirement educational radio show, consumers can hear the archived shows on SoundCloud at: www.soundcloud.com/hiddenwealthradio

About The Hidden Wealth Solution

Chuck Oliver and The Hidden Wealth Solution team educate baby boomers and retirees through a unique holistic and comprehensive planning process called – The Hidden Wealth Solution – educating boomers and retirees in how to optimize their assets and maximize their income.

Located in Lake Mary, Florida, their office address is 250 International Parkway, Suite 146, Lake Mary, FL 32746. Their office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am – 6pm EST. For more information or to schedule an appointment with a Wealth Architect at The Hidden Wealth Solution, please call 1-800-825-1766 or visit online at: www.thehiddenwealthsolution.com/