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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Reviews, I want to talk about giving thanks. I’m reminded of clients with whom we’ve worked in other financially difficult years. I’m speaking of financially dark times such as 2000, 2001 & 2002, when the market lost over 50%. I’m also reminded of 2008 and 2009, when the market again lost 50%.

Excluding a slight market downturn in 2018, the market has had a really strong run. Now, we’re meeting with people whose accounts are down about 25%. Many clients we meet with were told that, to get more safety, they should allocate more into bonds. This actually made their accounts go down even further since, for the first time since 1960, bonds are actually down more than stocks.

I want to teach you to give thanks for market protection and tax protection. Market protection involves getting away from the world of retail stock brokerage accounts. Many clients have told us that their retail broker suggested that they move their money from their tanking stocks into more secure bonds. Now, those bonds are down. In many cases, those bonds are down even more than their stock holdings. For many traditional financial planners, stock and bonds are the only two pages in their playbook.

On the other hand, many people have gone to cash in an effort to avoid the market losses. Even though they’re not losing as much, they are still losing to monstrously high inflation rates, which are not going away anytime soon. Despite not losing as much, they are still in jeopardy of running out of money.

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Other people are hearing the traditional planner’s old song of, “Hang in there, hang on, the market always comes back.” The question is, will the market come back when you need it to come back? Realistically, why should you even have to wait for the market to comeback if there’s an alternative with protection?

This Tuesday, at my Wealth Protection Webinar, I’m going to be teaching a strategy known as indexing along with another solution that provides (for those who qualify) a tax deduction to offset income or capital gains. This solution has an annual yield that has averaged 17%. When you combine this solution with indexing, you have not only market protection, but tax protection as well. Amazingly, all of this can be tax-free! You won’t find these strategies in any traditional planner’s playbook.

Imagine, more financial success, proven, double-digit average annual returns and solid performance with a track record of measurable results. Learn how to protect your money from the market and how to grow it tax-free with double-digits returns. This solution also allows you to pass the remainder of your savings to your heirs, tax-free.


You’ve worked hard for your money. Learn how you can have a retirement that will cause you to give thanks for tax protection and market protection. To learn how, register for Tuesday’s Wealth Protection Webinar. Imagine, more financial success, less worry, less stress, less tax, less inflation and more protection.

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