In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach that the emphasis now is on saving taxes. Several people have shared their frustration about how much tax they overpaid. I spoke with one client who was disappointed that he did not address tax mitigation through our Hidden Wealth Tax Savings Solutions as we suggested to him last year. He now realizes that he paid more tax than he should have. He is determined to address the problem now, so he doesn’t have to overpay tax for this year.

Several clients have expressed concerns about when to elect to take their Social Security and how much of their Social Security will be taxed. One client shared with me that, due to Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and capital gains, they are concerned about an increase in their Medicare Parts B and D premiums. The good news about all of these problems is that, with proper planning, taxes can be saved and those savings can be re-directed towards your preferred lifestyle cash flow.

Earlier this week, someone asked me, “I’m already retired. How can you help me?” Part of what we can do is to help eliminate the RMDs that may be triggering taxes on your Social Security. Eliminating RMDs and capital gains can also prevent an increase in your Medicare Parts B and D premiums while preventing you from being pushed into a higher tax bracket.

This coming Tuesday, I’ll be teaching an introduction on how you can achieve as close to a zero percent tax bracket as possible. This involves not just the income that supplements your lifestyle, but it also involves ensuring that you have income sources that “fly under the radar.” That is, income sources that are not counted in the calculation of tax on your Social Security income. These income sources also do not increase the cost of your Medicare Parts B and D premiums. There are some very tight windows for several unique tax-savings strategies. These strategies must be executed within the next four to six years. Now’s the time to learn about and implement these unique tax-savings strategies.

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