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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Reviews, I discuss the Roth IRA possibly causing stealth taxes! A Forbes article this past week asked if Congress was going to repeal the Roth IRA benefit. I want you to be ready because everything is changing. In a broadcast last week, Glen Beck asked viewers if they had had enough regarding the political chaos and the left’s ramped up efforts for the economic destruction of our country!

The world is changing both drastically and rapidly. I want to teach you what you can do to protect yourself by avoiding added and soon to be, increasing taxes. There are steps you can take which can have major, positive impact on protecting what you’ve worked so hard to have. Imagine, less stress, less worry, less taxation, the ability to stay ahead of inflation and to avoid market deterioration.

There have been discussions on bringing back the inability to do Roth conversions for certain income levels, as was the case before 2010. Back then, Roth conversions were not allowed if your income was over $100,000. Now, the rumor is that tax-free income from Roth IRAs maybe considered to still count towards taxing other income sources such as Social Security benefits (up to 85%), Medicare surcharge premium penalties and possibly a trigger resulting in an extra 3.8% net investment account tax!

What am I talking about when I say stealth taxes? These are added taxes that may be coming if we have to count Roth IRA income which can cause more taxes such as:

  • Taxing your Social Security benefit
  • Increasing the premium for your Medicare Parts B and D
  • The Obama Care 3.8% net investment income tax

This Tuesday, at my Wealth Protection Webinar, I will be teaching two things, how to un-tax the money you’ve saved that’s not been taxed (think IRAs and 401(k)s) and where to put this tax savings where it’s safe from taxation, inflation and market losses. The strategies to do this are known as Roth alternatives.

The Roth IRA came into existence in 1997. The current Roth structure is under attack because the government controls the rules for these accounts. Our national deficit has ballooned to over $31 trillion. Joe Biden is now proposing $4.7 trillion in additional taxes over the next 10 years. This additional tax money will come from the “makers,” who have saved most of their retirement savings in tax-deferred accounts. I want to teach you how you can avoid this tax trap the government has set for you.

Click Here to discover how Mike and Tina were able to avoid suffering from the impact of stealth taxes while eliminating taxes on their IRAs and avoiding taxes being passed on to their children.

Mike was concerned about all of the taxes that they would have to pay in the coming years. He wanted to save taxes on the large IRAs and 401(k)/SEP accounts they had built, yet he was still planning on saving $40,000 a year in his tax-deferred retirement plan. He was considering contributing as much as $60,000 a year until we taught him that deferred taxes equal increased taxes. You don’t save taxes on funding traditional IRAs, 401ks or SEPs. You defer the taxes! If you felt taxes would be going up, would you want to defer paying your taxes at a higher tax rate?

Mike’s goals were to remove and reduce taxes over their lifetimes and to pass on their savings, tax-free, to their children. He wanted to make sure that he got their retirement right. Fortunately for Mike, the time to get things right is now!

We taught Mike a little-known strategy that allows an up to 100% tax deduction that he can use to offset the taxes that would normally be due on converting his tax-deferred money to a Roth IRA. He also stopped saving his money in tax-deferred accounts, altogether.

Mike also moved money to a Roth alternative account that has no downside risk, unlimited upside market potential and the money is saved in the safest asset class that has never failed. This avoids the typical Wall Street rollercoaster and he doesn’t have to keep his money in the bank as cash, which is a relief, since some banks are recently prone to failure.

Mike and Tina now have the best of both worlds; access to their cash, no stock market exposure and no limits to what their money can earn. Best of all, they enjoy all of this, tax-free!


Stansberry reported last week about The Fed’s license to kill the economy. The Federal Reserve has caused undue turmoil in the banking sector which will spill over to small businesses and it has created an all but guaranteed economic downturn, thanks to their continued rate hikes. Stansberry went on to say that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is “a kite dancing in a hurricane.” Stansberry described the current situation as an economy shaken and inflation not stirred. How much more damage does The Fed plan to do to this economy?

Now’s the time to protect yourself! Don’t let stealth taxes catch you off guard. Right now, while you are focused on taxes, get a head start on saving your retirement. Don’t let The Fed and failing banks ruin your retirement.

You’ve worked hard for your money, let’s get to work protecting it from inflation, recession and market losses! Register now for Tuesday’s Wealth Protection Webinar and learn how you can avoid stealth taxes.

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