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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Reviews, I want to ask you a question. Where did you expect to be? Is what’s happening now what you expected? Can you explain why, after 40 year-high inflation level data is released, the stock market goes up 800 points? Is this just more market manipulation?

Were you expecting the highest cost of living increase in 41 years to Social Security income when the program is going bankrupt? While I’m happy for Social Security recipients, the increase jeopardizes this pillar of retirement protection. A Social Security increase this high, which is a response to this out-of-control inflation, just means the projected 23% reduction in benefit payout amounts will potentially happen sooner and that future generations are less likely to benefit from Social Security.

The Federal Reserve’s inflation fighting policy is simply ruining our economy and wrecking retirement for Baby Boomers and retirees, alike. This week’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation increase number came in at 8.2%, higher than had been predicted. High inflation impacts everything from taxation to market performance (on top of making things more expensive).

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The higher than expected CPI is going to cause The Fed to freak out. There is no doubt that this will encourage the central bank to continue their aggressive policy of raising interest rates with the single-minded focus of stopping inflation and sinking the economy. The Fed’s increases have contributed to $9 trillion leaving the markets already.

The Fed’s policy risks winning the battle but losing the war. It doesn’t make much sense to wreck the entire economy in an effort to curb inflation with ongoing actions that are causing further inflationary pressure. According to many economists, The Fed is overcorrecting and their actions are predicted to cause many people to lose like never before.

Under the Inflation Reduction Act, companies are being taxed more in the middle of a recession. They will simply pass these higher taxes along to consumers in the form of higher prices for goods and services. When companies are less profitable because their borrowing costs have gone up, they can’t expand and their stock prices decline. If we’re depending on these companies and their stock performance so that our retirement accounts can maintain our retirement lifestyles, that’s a real threat to our retirement well being.

So I ask again, where did you expect to be? Probably not at a 40 year high in inflation. Probably not at the largest Social Security increase in over 41 years that is actually predicted to cause higher taxes on benefits. Probably not at companies being forced to pay more taxes in the middle of a recession.


The reality is that the economy is shrinking. Companies are hiring less people and many companies are laying off employees which means there are fewer people paying taxes. Since they are raising taxes and there are fewer people paying taxes, that means that they will have to raise taxes yet again in order get the revenue they need to support all of the Inflation Reduction Act’s giveaway programs.

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Albert Einstein said that the world is a product of our thinking. If we want to change things in our world, we have to change our thinking. There is still time to rethink retirement. Let’s get to work!

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