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This week’s Democratic convention leaves no doubt that the party’s campaign slogan is free, free, free. What all of this “free” is going to cost you and me as taxpayers is worrisome. Free is not really free. This is a very contentious election and I want to teach you that there are things you can do to safely secure and protect your savings.

Even before Joe Biden announced his running mate, many people had reached out to us, concerned about taxes and many have voiced that they are now terrified about taxes. Kamala Harris leans farther to the left than Bernie Sanders and, when it comes to spending, there will be no limits on that because Harris currently sits on the Senate Budget Committee. The only way you can outrun an enormous amount of additional spending is to raise taxes.

We recently had a client tell us that he’s an “admitted tax-deferred saver.” It was almost as if he were making a confession. He realizes that, while well-intentioned, his savings habits have put him in the precarious position of being at risk for future higher taxes and he is in Biden’s higher tax bull’s eye. Within a week or two, we will most likely see another $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion in additional stimulus spending.

Don’t let the hard left leaning socialists take a slice out of your serious savings. With all of the stimulus spending and all of their big-spending proposals, they are coming, with guns a blazing, for more tax money! This election outcome uncertainty has increased the concern of another coronavirus crash! I want to teach you that there are things you can do to safeguard your savings and insulate yourself from the IRS.

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how to safeguard your retirement savings in 2020:

  • Roth Conversion — If you can pay a lower tax rate today than in the future, a Roth is generally advisable. On the surface, you may have fewer dollars due to the taxes you must pay, but your purchasing power in after-tax dollars will be higher. 2020 is definitely the year to consider a Roth Conversion and a multi-year strategy may even be better.
  • Why a Roth in 2020? — The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) lowered tax rates and significantly widened individual tax brackets. For married couples in 2017, a 25% tax rate was incurred on taxable income over $75,900. In 2020, a 24% tax rate applies on taxable income up to $326,600. Current law has the tax rates under the TCJA in effect through the 2025 tax year and then reverting to pre-TCJA rates and brackets in 2026.The current law has significant tax increases already baked into the 2026 cake, even if no additional legislation is passed. Many election models currently forecast that Biden will win the electoral college and that the Senate will flip to blue. Assuming this happens, the Biden tax plan calls for tax increases to occur before 2026.
  • Multi-Year Strategy — While 2020 may present an ideal year for many people to use a Roth, using the years between when a person retires and age 72 is particularly attractive. Once retired, you have no more taxable earned income. Social Security can start as early as age 62, but often it’s advisable to defer at least the primary earner’s benefit until age 70. Deferral provides a higher benefit and keeps income lower during the deferral period. The tax rate during early retirement years can be quite low, making yearly Roth conversions quite attractive. Doing so also reduces the Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) that start at age 72.

While now is the time for many people to consider using a Roth conversion, you need to have a financial plan in place to identify the peaks and troughs in spending and income so you can evaluate current and expected future tax rates. Having the tax knowledge and skills to execute the strategy to targeted income levels is also required. I can teach you how to integrate your financial, investment, and tax planning into a cohesive strategy in order to realize these potentially significant benefits. Imagine, learning proven techniques with a track record of measurable results for anchoring down a safe and secure retirement.

The time to protect your money from taxes and market crashes is 2020. I want to teach you how to avoid getting your savings sideswiped by socialists. Even if Trump is re-elected in November, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “sunsets” at the end of 2025. We still have a window, but that window may be much shorter depending on the election outcome.

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Learn common sense solutions that will protect your retirement savings and income from being sideswiped by socialists. Learn proven solutions that have track records of measurable results. Solutions where you’re in charge.

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Let me leave you with one final thought. The time to get your serious retirement savings safe is now while we still have a window of opportunity. Let’s get to work!

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