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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Reviews, I teach that, people are worn out and weary. Since the first quarter of 2020, there’s been just one economic shock after another. Economic indicators this week, including manufacturing activity for May and new home sales for April, pointed to slowing domestic activity, stoking global slowdown worries. Pending home sales fell in April for the sixth month in a row, slowing to a pace not seen in nearly a decade. Wells Fargo’s research arm last week joined Deutsche in predicting a U.S. recession, but even earlier.

  • We’ve kicked off with the worst start to the year ever seen in stock market history (yes, worse than 1929 and 2008)
  • Now, every index is beaten down – the S&P 500, the Dow and the Nasdaq are all firmly in a bear market
  • The global bond market recently lost $2.7 trillion (which is worse than the 2008 financial crisis)
  • And a “stealth” variant of COVID-19 has caused a renewed outbreak in China, threatening another global shutdown

– Don’t get caught waiting, wondering what happens next! –

Fox Business reported that most small business owners fear that the U.S. economy will worsen over the next year. Most small businesses are concerned about the U.S. economy as the nation suffers from high inflation, labor shortages and rising interest rates.

If you’re putting off selling a highly appreciated asset such as real estate, a business, etc., because you are worried that taxation, don’t wait much longer. The recession and inflation will reduce your your sales profit and the reduced price risks are only going to get worse before they will get better. Remember, you don’t want to wait and sell your asset when values are down and when fewer buyers have confidence to purchase. Keep this in mind as we head further into what appears to be an even deeper recession. The number one thing you have control over to eliminate and offset inflation is eliminating unnecessary taxation while protecting the value of your assets.

I have a special opportunity for business owners who register for and attend my Wealth Protection Webinar this week. As an attendance gift, I will send you a copy of my book, The 10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost Business Owners Thousands.

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Many people have called and asked us what they can do about saving taxes on the sale of their assets before the values drop and tax rates go up. Where can these savings be positioned so that they are protected and can then be used to replace the income from the rental property or business that was sold? I will be teaching strategies for doing just this at next Tuesday’s Wealth Protection Webinar.

In this week’s webinar, I will be teaching what you can do to take advantage of runaway inflation and a deepening recession. I will teach how to recession proof your retirement. The Federal Reserve has warned that we could be heading back into the type of stagflation we experienced in the 1970’s. The Fed’s delay in taking action to curb inflation is costing people a fortune!

As The Fed continues to raise interest rates, asset values will continue to come down. Taxes will have to increase. Because of this, many people will sabotage their sale plans. Don’t make that mistake.

Let me teach you how to save taxes on the sale of your highly appreciated assets, turning your serious savings into tax-free and market loss free retirement vehicles that stay ahead of inflation. Learn how you can have only upside market gains with no downside losses. I want to teach you how you can create your own personal protected pension and how to un-tax your tax-deferred retirement savings accounts.


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This misguided administration’s plans are targeting corporations with higher taxes, claiming this will result in taming inflation. The result will be weaker market returns and increased taxes on higher income earners and strong savers in 401ks and IRAs. These are the people who will benefit the most from our proven solutions. Solutions with a track record of measurable results.

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