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For a quarter century, I’ve had a front row seat, educating Baby Boomers and retirees about the pitfalls, setbacks, set ups and obstacles to retirement. I’ve also had the pleasure of teaching the proven solutions to overcome these avoidable obstacles, as well.

After witnessing the first presidential debate, I’ve never been more concerned about market correction and tax protection than I am right now. The results of the voting may not be known until quite a while after the election. That uncertainty puts the market on edge. A market on edge spells volatility. Now add the recent diagnosis of President Trump contracting the virus and the market’s uncertainty is reaching brand new heights.

A lot of Baby Boomers and retirees we meet are scared because they know that they can’t afford to take another big hit to their retirement and that they can’t be exposed to higher taxes. This coming Tuesday, I’m going to be teaching what our Baby Boomer and retiree clients have learned; how to grow and protect their money using the proven solutions of the ultra wealthy. For instance, using a tax strategy that we teach to our clients so that they have tax free growth, tax free income and can leave a tax free inheritance.

The idea that saving taxes should be looked upon negatively is puzzling when Trump used a tax law that Obama and Biden had placed in the tax code. Biden himself used the code to save $500,000 in taxes. The media will never reveal this truth. It appears that, when it comes to paying taxes, they can talk the talk but they can’t walk the walk. Classic politics, say one thing and do the opposite!

Clients have told me that, when they ask their traditional brokerage advisors how to optimize their retirement for taxes, the advisor dismisses their concern by saying, “Taxes are just a way of life,” or “Taxes are just part of the equation.” Good retirement planning includes all of the possible tax implications and gives you options. Organizing retirement income sources the most strategic tax way should be a deliberate strategy for every Baby Boomer and retiree. There’s ours and “theirs.” If you break the word theirs in half, it spells “The IRS.” The key to retirement success is making sure ours is a better plan then theirs.

It looks as if there will be another round of stimulus of somewhere between $1.6 trillion and $2.2 trillion. When it’s all over, we’re going to have five years of deficit spending in just one year. Someone’s going to have to pay for all of this. Joe Biden says that will be those who have higher income and assets. Those who have worked hard and saved hard will be taxed harder.

Many Baby Boomers we meet are unaware that up to 85% of their Social Security can be taxed. Most retirees we meet are blindsided by another government gotcha, the Medicare premium surcharge tax. Another surprise is how Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from tax-deferred retirement accounts push retirees into higher marginal tax brackets. All of these things together represent what I call a tidal wave of taxes. This tax tidal wave is stealing from Baby Boomer’s and retirees’ incomes to the tune of $18,000 to $24,000 a year!

David came to us concerned about taxes in retirement and market losses to his portfolio. David didn’t know about institutional money management and that its averaged double the return with half the risk and half the cost.

He was unaware that he could have tax-free growth, tax-free income and tax-free inheritance. No one had ever told him about a special provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that, for those who qualify, provides a 100% tax deduction in the same year.

Using proven solutions with track records of measurable results, we were able to increase David’s return and, at the same time, cut his risk in half. We were able to create a $100,000 a year, tax-free and loss-free income. We taught him how to save over $100,000 in taxes for 2020!

You’ve worked hard for you money. Let us teach you how you can make your money work harder for you. Join me this coming Tuesday for my Wealth Protection Webinar. This complimentary educational event will teach you how to have market correction and tax protection.

This event is for those who have saved at least $300,000 or more for retirement, especially those who have saved in IRAs and 401(k)s.

To register, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go to (or scroll down to the form below).
  2. Select the webinar date/time you prefer.
  3. Enter your information thoroughly – make sure to double check.
  4. Click “Reserve My Spot!” to submit, that’s it!

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email containing a personal access link to join Tuesday’s event. Don’t forget to add it to your calendar!

Let me leave you with one final thought. Even if Trump is reelected, tax rates are going up! If you have saved $300,000 or more in tax-deferred retirement accounts, the government is taking aim at your savings. Learn how to you can avoid becoming the governments perfect tax payer! Imagine, more financial success, less worry, more time with family and safety and security for your retirement savings.

Register for your preferred webinar time now because these events have proven to fill up fast. Those who attend this event will receive a complimentary copy of my latest eBook, The Baby Boomer Retirement Breakthrough-The Unfair Advantage to a Safe and Secure Retirement.

Spouses and Significant Others are Encouraged to Attend This Event Together

Note: We serve Boomers and Retirees all over the Unites States. We have an efficient, supported process to meet online, as have been doing for over 20 years. Our online meetings are private, the access is restricted and we never share our meeting link with anyone who’s not a part of the meeting.

Chuck Oliver
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We help Baby Boomers and Retirees thrive in retirement through a clear retirement road map that provides market correction and tax protection to optimize income and assets!