Learn to keep more of your money in 2020! The Federal government has just changed the rules for retirement in the middle of the game! S.T.O.P. your IRA from becoming an IOU to the I.R.S.

They have passed The Secure Act, which changes the Required Minimum Distribution age from 70.5 to 72, which is the good news. The bad news is that there’s now a government money grab. A non-spouse who inherits an IRA won’t be able to take the money out over the course of their lifetime. They are now forced to fully liquidate the inherited IRA in just 10 years! This means that they will now pay a lot more of that IRA to taxes.

Baby Boomers should not be burdened with having to pay for the government’s fiscal blunders. For those of us who have worked hard to save hard, this new law is anything but secure.

In my 25 years of experience, I have found that those who work the hardest and save the hardest are also the ones who get taxed the hardest. The average Baby Boomer couple annually gives up an extra $20,000 a year in unnecessary taxes, penalties and fees! Let us teach you how to legally, morally and ethically avoid paying unnecessary taxes.

No one wants to go through retirement living a lesser lifestyle in order to finance the government’s budgetary bungling. No one should have to worry about running out of money before they run out of life or have to “un-retire” themselves just to make ends meet.

There are solutions that will allow you not just to survive in retirement but to thrive in retirement. To do this you must insulate your retirement income from Uncle Sam and get the IRS out of your IRAs. If you want to keep more of your money in 2020, get a jump start now by learning how to protect your retirement today.

Learn how to remove the government from your retirement and insulate your IRA from Uncle Sam! We’ve made the process of learning how to thrive in retirement very simple. Just go to TaxesSaved.com, then enter and submit the required information. Our team will contact you so that you can learn an easy way to get ahead of the uncertainty of the unknown outcome of the 2020 election.

Imagine, removing Uncle Sam from your income and inheritance and thriving in your retirement. More financial security, more time to spend with family and friends and more lifetime memories.


Here’s to your Hidden Wealth,
Chuck Oliver
Best-Selling Author