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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach how to avoid getting blindsided by Biden’s $4 trillion tax bomb. The socialists have an onslaught of taxes that will slice into your retirement savings. Many people are telling me they realize now that the time to protect their money is before the November election.

The tax authority think tanks project that 82% of Americans will see their taxes go up under a Biden presidency. Biden wants to add another $4 trillion in spending, raise capital gains tax by 50% and eliminate the inheritance step up in basis. The means that our children and many of us will be left with a huge inheritance tax if tax saving actions are not taken.

Taxes are going up even if Donald Trump is re-elected in November. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is only going to last just five short years. It may disappear sooner, depending on the outcome of the election. It is likely that we will never see tax rates this low again. That’s why the time to protect your money is in 2020!

I want to share some of the concerns that clients have expressed to us and the solution one couple used to create $84,000 per year of tax-free income without exposure to stock market losses.

Karen, from Illinois, shared that she had asked her advisor time and again about his plan to address her taxes. Most of her retirement savings were in tax-deferred accounts such as 401(k)s and IRAs. She was very worried about the impact of taxes in retirement. Her advisor simply told her that, “taxes are just a part of retirement.”

Mark and Donna, from Florida, have just retired. There were emotionally impacted by losing a family member who never got to truly enjoy retirement. They were very concerned about the direction of our country. They were worried about higher taxes and scared of the market. They had worked hard all their lives and they didn’t want to have to go back to work. They didn’t know that the tax road they were on would cause them to lose $7,000 of Social Security to taxes. We taught them the best time to elect Social Security benefits and the best way to time their election with a strategic Roth conversion. We showed them how they could enjoy upside earning opportunity with no downside market loss risk. We also built Long Term Care (LTC) and Critical Care Coverage into their plan.

As a result of what they learned, they were able to generate $43,000 of annual, totally tax-free income. They now avoid losing $7,000 in annual taxes on their Social Security income. Using a special provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, they saved $33,000 in tax for 2020 and they used a Zero Net Tax Roth conversion which their retirement optimization plan provides them, to create $84,000 a year of market protected and tax-insulated lifetime income.

The time to protect your money is before the 2020 election. Go to and request a Saving Tax Optimization Plan (S.T.O.P.) Analysis. The S.T.O.P. Analysis will show you the tax risk road you’re on so you can compare it to the lesser tax road route you could be taking. This analysis is saving Baby Boomers and retirees enormous amounts of tax. When you request your S.T.O.P. Analysis, I will gift you my guide, Retirement and Your Taxes, How to Get IRS Out of Your IRAs and Remove Uncle Sam from Your Children’s Inheritance.

To request your S.T.O.P. Analysis, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Watch our “Tax-Free Lifetime Income” introduction video.
  3. Enter your information thoroughly – make sure to double check.
  4. Submit the form & prepare to answer our call at the time requested.

When requesting your S.T.O.P. Analysis, please be specific as to the exact day and time that you wish to be contacted. Please be sure to give your best telephone number where you can be reached on the specific day between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Time. Please be specific and please don’t list “anytime” as your desired time to be reached. We are only able to reach those who are specific about their time to be reached.

Learn how you can stop overpaying your taxes! Whether you’re trying to better get through retirement or just trying to get to retirement, the S.T.O.P. Analysis is vital to paying the legally least amount of taxes possible.

Let me leave you with one final thought. You’ve worked hard for your money! Before the election, you owe it to yourself to learn how to protect your retirement savings from taxes and market crashes. Let’s get to work!

Note: We serve Boomers and Retirees all over the Unites States. We have an efficient, supported process to meet online, as have been doing for over 20 years. Our online meetings are private, the access is restricted and we never share our meeting link with anyone who’s not a part of the meeting.

Chuck Oliver
Wealth Strategist | Best-Selling Author
We help Baby Boomers and Retirees thrive in retirement through a clear retirement road map that provides market correction and tax protection to optimize income and assets!

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