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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I share that, just this week, the Biden administration announced The American Jobs Act, a $2.3 trillion, blue state bailout that’s being disguised as an infrastructure bill. This bill should actually be called The American Tax Increase Act. If you’re a Baby Boomer or a retiree who’s saved money into deferred accounts such as: IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, etc., you are in the Biden tax target bull’s eye.

People frequently ask me, “Who benefits the most from the tax-savings solutions used by The Hidden Wealth Solution?” The answer is that it is those who have saved $1 million or more for retirement. Especially those who have saved in tax deferred accounts. The Biden administration is targeting capital gains, as well. As a result, your brokerage accounts are not safe from higher taxes, either.

If you’re still working, have either saved $1 million for retirement or your household income is $200,000 or more, you are the target! Don’t buy the Biden lie that taxes will only increase for those making $400,000 or more. Like many areas in the Biden administration’s plans, the math just doesn’t add up.

When you target corporate America (the makers) with higher taxes and you give that money to the government (the takers), it just doesn’t work. When corporations are hit with higher taxes, they pass those taxes along to consumers by raising the price of the goods and services they sell. This leads to you and I experiencing price inflation. Worst of all, Joe Biden wants to tax some people more, but everyone will get squeezed by inflation tax.

How do I protect my retirement from the Biden’s tax increases?

If you want to learn what you can do to protect your retirement before the Biden administration taxes more of your hard earned savings, go to (or scroll down to the form below) and register for next Tuesday’s Retirement Reinvented Webinar. At this no-cost, no-obligation event, I will teach you some of my favorite strategies that Baby Boomers and retirees have used to thrive in retirement.

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Imagine, insulating your income from the IRS and preventing Uncle Sam from intercepting your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance. Learn how you can have 50% or more higher spendable income. Learn how to un-tax your IRA’s with 100% tax deductions. Learn how to have upside market gains with no downside losses (to protect your serious retirement savings). I will teach all of this at my webinar this coming Tuesday. Hurry and register below for this complimentary, financial educational event.

In my over 20 years of experience as a wealth strategist, I’ve never seen people this worried and concernedIf you’re serious about protecting your money and getting tax and market protection done, the time to do it is right now in 2021!

Joe Biden’s tax plans are targeting high income earners, those with large capital gains as well as those with estates valued over $3.5 million. We find those higher income earners of $200,000 or more or those who have saved $1 million or more benefit the most from our proven solutions with a track record of measurable success.

You’ve worked hard for your money. Let’s get to work to protect it from the the devastating effects of taxes and inflation.

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