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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Reviews I teach that the Inflation Reduction Act was just pushed through the Senate this past weekend. If you are someone who’s trying to get to retirement or get better through retirement, you should pay attention to this bill because it includes over $300 billion in added taxes. This bill, along with its economy-crushing taxes, is likely to become law. Talk about the takers going after the makers, $80 billion of the bill goes towards beefing up the Internal Revenue Service by adding 87,000 new tax collection agents to go find as much tax as possible. These additional agents are funded from more taxes!

Larry Kudlow, speaking on Fox Business, called this bill “a pathetic agenda.” Kudlow went on to comment that even though the worst parts of the Chuck Schumer/Joe Manchin deal have probably been removed, it is still a dumb, goofy bill that America doesn’t need.

According to the no-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation, this bill includes billions of dollars in taxes which will be passed on to consumers. The committee believes the bill will have little impact on reducing the deficit and no impact on reducing inflation, despite the bill’s name. In fact, another non-partisan think tank believes (as I do) that the bill will actually add to inflation. Raising taxes on businesses in a recession kills jobs and economic growth and actually results in higher inflation.

Senator Lindsey Graham shared that the bill contains nothing to beat inflation, nothing to grow the economy, nothing to close the border and nothing to solve the crime wave. Senator Graham went on to say that the cavalry is coming and it would be great if we could kill bills like this.

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Dave and Barbara are from Colorado. We met with them just this past week. Dave had exercised some stock options which were triggering taxes and this was concerning them. But their real concern was that the bulk of their money was saved in ticking tax time bomb retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401(k)s. With new taxes and new IRS agents on the way, they wanted to remove their serious savings from the tax system.

We taught Dave and Barbara how to use a little-known tax deduction to go against their highest taxable income. They were able to use this deduction to offset the taxes that were due on the conversion of their traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs. This way, their savings are now out of the IRS’s crosshairs.

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This misguided administration’s plans are targeting corporations with higher taxes, claiming this will result in taming inflation. The result will be weaker market returns and increased taxes on higher income earners and strong savers in 401ks and IRAs. These are the people who will benefit the most from our proven solutions. Solutions with a track record of measurable results.

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