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In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach the importance of what you can do to cut your taxes in 2022. Specifically, I want to talk about the Biden “Build Back Better,” $4 trillion tax trick. The initial economic studies on the Democratic spending bills reveals that there will be $2 trillion in costs, but only about $1.5 trillion in taxes to cover that spending.

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The shin kicker is that the Democrats are making many of the provisions of their spending bills permanent, instead of temporary. The Penn Wharton budget model found that when you calculate the impact of these permanent provisions, the true cost is just at $4 trillion, double what Nancy Pelosi has promised!

Sadly, the spend and tax Democrats will continue to spend and they are going to cover that spending by finding ways to tax more. I want to teach you two key strategies the ultra-wealthy use to avoid taxes. These are just two of several proven strategies that I’ve been teaching Baby Boomers and retirees for years. I want to teach you how to become a low tax or no-tax retiree! That means:

  • No federal income tax
  • No state income tax
  • No tax on Social Security
  • No tax on Medicare
  • No inheritance tax

There are several tax savings strategies that I teach in my webinar. I want to emphasize two of these: the Rich Man’s Roth Alternative and the the Strategic Roth Conversion.

If you want to learn what you can do to get yourself untaxed or low taxed starting in 2022, now is the time, before they find even more ways to raise taxes further. Imagine, more financial success and less tax. Learn how you can insulate your assets, your income and your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance from Uncle Sam.


This is not a gimmick or some dubious interpretation of the tax code. The ultra wealthy have been using these strategies for decades. My family and our clients have been using these strategies for over 25 years with a track record of measurable results.

The Biden administration has other tax tricks up their sleeves. They want to take and take and take from those who have always worked hard to make. Learn how to protect yourself by registering for next Tuesday’s webinar.

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Joe Biden’s tax plans are targeting high income earners, those with large capital gains as well as those with estates valued over $3.5 million. We find those higher income earners of $200,000 or more or those who have saved $1 million or more benefit the most from our proven solutions with a track record of measurable results.

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