Will Your Retirement Last as Long as You?

In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach that there’s a retirement crisis in this country due to unfavorable, unpredictable and unsupportable returns. DALBAR, Inc. has just released its 22nd Annual Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior, which reports the last 30 years of average investor stock market returns. Here are some of the findings:

  • Asset Allocation Model, is a strategy that aims to balance a portfolio between your goals, risk tolerance and retirement horizon. It has averaged a return of just 1.65% over the past 30 years. This trails inflation by more than double (before taxes and fees).
  • Equity Mutual Funds, is a favorite strategy of Baby Boomers. These have averaged a 30 year return of only 3.66%, which is two thirds less than you would have made by simply tracking the S&P with indexing (as many of our clients do). This return doesn’t even keep pace with real-world inflation.
  • Income Allocation, which is essentially “rolling the dice” in bonds, has averaged just .59% over the last 30 years. Many people are unaware that bonds can be even more volatile than stocks.

The biggest concerns of the people with whom I meet are running out money or reducing their lifestyles in order to keep from running out of money. I want to teach you how you can avoid these troubles in your retirement years. It’s your retirement, let us show you how to protect your savings and your lifestyle.

This coming Tuesday I will be teaching my no-cost, no-obligation Retirement Income Plan Protection Webinar. Learn how to avoid low return strategies and how you can enjoy upside gains with no downside losses. To register for this event, just click the link below or, if you prefer, call the toll free number.

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These events fill up quickly so register now to insure your place on Tuesday. Those who register and attend will receive, as a gift, my video book, 7 Steps to a Tax-Free Retirement. I encourage spouses to attend this educational event together.

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