In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach thatmany people spend more time planning their summer vacation trip than they spend planning their retirement. You wouldn’t plan your vacation as you were backing out of your driveway; you would plan where you wanted to go and make sure you had your GPS set for the best route long before you got into your car. So, it stands to reason that, when planning for retirement,  you wouldn’t plan to have 85% of your Social Security taxed and to pay unnecessary taxes on your IRA.

In fact, I was recently thinking about GPS systems and how they typically give you two choices, the quickest route and then the route with the least miles. Isn’t it fascinating thatoften, the route with the most miles results in the quickest travel time? That’s seems counter intuitive and “against the grain.” 

This reminds me of a recent client meeting. A gentleman and his wife came into the office and decided exactly where they wanted to go with their retirement. They were looking for the most effective way to get to their retirement income goal. As it turns out, by properly filing for Social Security, they were able to generate over $250,000 extra in lifetime income benefits. The tax that we were able to help them save on their IRA income amounted to an additional $450,000! In the final analysis, the extra Social Security income benefits plus the taxes they saved combined to give them an additional $700,000 in lifetime retirement income! All this was accomplished by taking the longer, yet more efficient route.

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To learn how you can have your own financial GPS, simply go to and enter the required information. If you prefer, you can also register by calling our toll free number, (855) No Tax 2 U. That’s (855) 668-2928. Then, log onto the webinar on Tuesday and, in just about an hour, learn how to build your own Personal Protected Pension Plan™ Just for registering and attending, I will gift you my latest e-book on Social Security maximization and tax-free retirement income, What to Do At 62.

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