In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach that there are two words that present the greatest threat to your retirement, economic uncertainty. The most recent terrorist attacks in Nice, France, the lowest U.S. Treasury Bond yield in history (1.36%) and the S&P index hitting an all time high have economists and money managers scratching their heads. The best answer they can come up with is, “People are hungry for a yield.”

There is currently $13 trillion sitting in negative earning bonds. People are willing to absorb a loss in order to avoid the risk of a bigger loss, such as when our markets dropped 900 points in 48 hours following the U.K.’s “Brexit” vote.

Here are some other factors that are contributing to the economic uncertainty:

No leadership taking care of the terrorist issue. These sudden acts of disruptive violence will continue until there’s a change in leadership,
An economy that’s showing no signs of life,
Four straight quarters of corporate losses,
Nearly a decade of low interest rates and now rumors of negative interest rates,
Wages are now at the equivalent of where they were in 1996.
I want to teach you how to immunize your retirement savings from the next market loss. It’s not a matter of if the market will lose, it’s a matter of when. Using an indexing strategy allows you to start your gains when everyone else is starting to make up for their losses. That’s how our clients have earned 8 to 9%. Also, by taking advantage of special sections in the tax code, they’ve also been able to grow and distribute their savings tax-free!

To learn more about retirement strategies that protect you from economic uncertainty and unnecessary taxes, attend my no-cost, no-obligation Retirement Protection Webinar this coming Tuesday. Let me teach you how you can use indexing to overcome an uncertain market. Learn how to enjoy only the gains from the upside of the market and never suffer losses from the downside.

Remember the famous Warren Buffett quote, “Be greedy when others are fearful, but be fearful when others are greedy.” Register for our webinar now while there’s still space available. Just click the link below or call our toll-free number.
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