In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach that people are living too long. By that I mean, those of us who are collecting Social Security benefits and those lucky enough to have employer sponsored pensions are collecting for more years than the original planners had counted on us living. I also want to tell you that the government believes you’re doing too well, you’re not paying enough in taxes and you’re getting too many deductions.

Stanley Druckenmiller, one of the top investors of all time, recently said that The Fed has completely missed the mark. They have artificially propped-up an over-priced stock market and they have no “end game” as to what they are going to do once the economic stimulus finally comes to an end. Stanley went on to say that people need to be protected from the havoc that the global economy is going to wreak on the world’s two biggest economies, the U.S. and China.

In his weekly article, Rodney Johnson, of Dent Research, reported that there’s an “all out war” against people who have saved too well for retirement. The Social Security Administration plans to increase the taxable Social Security amount. Those who have earned higher wages, will pay more into the system to cover those who have not worked long enough or have paid in too little to cover the cost of their benefits.

The bottom line? You’re on your own and there’s an all-out war against success and productivity! I want teach you what you can do to protect and successfully insulate your retirement savings and income. Our clients predictably eliminate unnecessary taxes on their retirement income while successfully avoiding market-losses.

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