In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review I discuss some of the interesting reports that came out this week. These reports alluded that the economy is stronger than we believed and that The Fed is going to raise interest rates sooner than expected.

Regardless of whether you’re retired, about to be retired or still saving for retirement, the two most important retirement savings questions are:

  1. What is your risk tolerance? In other words, what are you willing to lose in order to gain?
  2. How much of your retirement savings are “at risk?”

In a recent poll, 91% of those who were asked these questions stated their risk tolerance is zero! When asked how much of their money was at risk, most people responded with 100%.

If you’re in the 91% who are risk intolerant, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Am I safeguarded from the downside of the market yet still able to participate in the upside?
  2. Are my retirement savings protected from taxes?

Harvard MBA economist, Harry Dent is predicting a 70% to 90% drop in the market within the next three years. The current effective income tax rate in the U.S. averages about 60%. The federal tax rate has been as high as 94%. Where do you think the market is going and do you believe that taxes will go higher?

I met with a couple this past week. They were startled to learn that they could enjoy tax-advantaged growth, distribution and transfer of their retirement savings. They were also unaware that they could experience growth from the upside of the market without suffering a loss from the downside. What’s more, all of their prior market gains are locked in and protected.

The other unfair advantage our solution provides is that our clients always start their new gains from the minute the market begins to recover. For others, when the markets drops, they lose all their prior gains and they don’t earn any new gains until after they make up for their losses.

I want to teach you how you can enjoy a tax-advantaged, safe-savings solution for your own retirement. Learn why it’s important to protect yourself sooner, rather than later.

Join us this coming Tuesday for my no-cost, no-obligation Retirement Protection Webinar and learn how you can have zero risk while protecting yourself from rising taxes. To register, please go to and enter the required information. Hurry, while space still remains. Couples are encouraged to attend this event together.

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