In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach that the two biggest things you can do, right now, to create a better retirement for yourself are:

  1. Eliminate any market losses and
  2. Eliminate taxes on your retirement income

With the presidential election coming up later this year, it’s important to understand the tax proposals of each of the candidates. I’m afraid that the news is not good, regardless of the candidate or the party. 

Hillary Clinton – Ms. Clinton has created a $1 trillion increase in taxes over the next decade. This proposal represents the largest tax increase in U.S. history.

Bernie Sanders – Senator Sanders proposal is even more frightening than Hillary Clinton’s. He’s proposing the largest peacetime tax increase in the history of the world! This increase could amount to as much as $18 trillion over 10 years. This would effectively double the U.S. debt.

Donald Trump – Mr. Trump has said that taxes probably need to be increased for upper income Americans. While this sounds good to a lot of people, it’s important to understand how the government defines “upper income.” Middle income is defined as $55,000.00 – $125,000.00 per year. Therefore, if you make over $125,000.00 annually, Mr. Trump’s “upper income” increase would apply to you.

The reality is that you’ve got to learn how to protect yourself from taxes, now! You also have to insulate yourself from devastating market losses. Our clients enjoy the knowledge that they are safe from the downside of the stock market. They take comfort in the fact that, after a market fall off, their gains begin when everyone else starts to recover their losses.

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Here’s to your Hidden Wealth,
Chuck Oliver
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