In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach what I learned at a recent conference. This event featured the former U.S. Comptroller General, David Walker. The Comptroller General essentially functions as the CPA for the federal government. I was struck by Mr. Walker’s down-to-earth, dire straits description of our fiscal situation. This prediction is particularly true under a Hillary Clinton, class warfare presidency.

At this same conference, Harvard MBA economist, Harry Dent, laid out his prediction of economic havoc. This prediction is based on age demographics, a huge national deficit and a tax-heavy presidency. Harry’s message is, “Get your money safe, get it out of the tax system, get it out of the banks and make sure it’s secure.”

Waking Up in a Crooked & Corrupt Hillary Clinton Class Warfare Presidency

Crooked Hillary

What’s the Answer to a $20 Trillion Debt?

More Debt, of Course… and Higher Taxes

Our national debt is huge and it’s a terrible burden on our economy and our security. I learned from David Walker that our country spends more on debt service than it does on our military!

The cost of living in retirement is already high. Here are the top three Hillary retirement threats:

  1. The crushing effects of inflation,
  2. A Hillary Clinton tax increase and
  3. The skyrocketing cost of healthcare premiums under Obama’s (Un)affordable Healthcare Act.

If you take no action, taxes, inflation and healthcare costs will deplete your retirement savings.

I want to teach you how to eliminate your concerns about inflation, taxes and rising healthcare costs. Learn how you can enjoy rising, tax-free retirement income protection and how you can protect your retirement savings from ever losing to taxes or the stock market, again.

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