In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach the top three financial fears of Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers. If you’re retired or you are getting ready to retire in 10 years or less, this list of fears applies to you:

1. Running out of money – with this uncertain economy, a market that must eventually correct and ever increasing taxes & inflation, it’s no wonder this is the top wealth worry,

2. Increased medical/healthcare costs – this is a big concern, especially if you’re already worried about running out of money. As we live longer, the cost for our medical care increases. Since Obamacare was introduced, several healthcare insurance companies have gone under, due to unexpectedly high costs. Those who can afford to pay their healthcare costs will eventually end up paying more,

3. Reduced standard of living – in order to keep from running out of money due to higher inflation, taxes and healthcare costs, many retirees will have to reduce their standard of living. Logically, the cost of living will increase the longer we live.

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