Orlando, FL – September 26, 2014- The 2014 Fireball Run, titled “America’s Frontier” starts today in Frisco, TX. The finish line for this year’s Fireball Run is Independence, MO. The Run’s course will enable the participating teams to pioneer the legendary Republic of Texas and the Louisiana Purchase. The Hidden Wealth Solution team member, Sunny Patel, will drive as a member of Team Agents of Shield. The Agents of Shield will be driving the XC2V Flypmode, a vehicle built for the U.S. Army by Local Motors. Other noted participants in the 2014 Fireball Run are WWE wrestling superstar “Raven,” astronaut Jon McBride, rodeo champions Amy Wilson and Kelley Kaminski and dragster drivers Elaine Larsen and Marisha Falk.


The Fireball Run is an epic, eight day, 14 city, 40 team, 2000 mile life-sized trivia game that uses America as the game board. To navigate the route and score, teams solve clues based on history, science, nature, theology, and pop-culture- virtually anything in relation to their geographic location; all-the-while engaged in a race to recover America’s missing children. Child Rescue Network (CRN) is the Official Charity Inspiration of the Fireball Run and 100% of any donation made on line goes directly to CRN. To donate, go to www.fireballrun.com


Team Agents of Shield includes drivers Patrick Morgan and Sunny Patel. Team Agents of Shield we will drive the XC2V Flypmode, a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funded vehicle that will help defend the U.S by providing transportation for our troops in a safe and mobile vehicle that can conquer any terrain! Built for DARPA by Local Motors, this amazing-looking vehicle will help Team Agents of Shield to recover America’s missing children. To learn more about Team Agents of Shield, go to: http://www.fireballrun.com/teams/152


The XC2V Flypmode vehicle is the first of its kind, a crowd-sourced military vehicle. This experimental crowd-derived combat support vehicle took its manufacturer, Local Motors, just three weeks to design and three and a half months to build. To learn the production history of the XC2V Flypmode, go to https://localmotors.com/localmotors/darpa-xc2v-flypmode/


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