In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach that April 24th is officially “Tax Freedom Day.” What this means is that we work from January 1st until April 24th, just to pay our taxes! We don’t earn the first dime for ourselves until after the 24th of this month. It takes 114 days to get Uncle Sam out of the way, so we can earn our pay.

Tax Day is a terrible time of the year. Monday’s filing deadline just ruins this weekend for a lot of Americans. The good news is that the damage that’s been done is now over. The better news is that there’s an opportunity to prevent, eliminate or drastically reduce your taxes from here forward. I encourage you to seize the moment and stop paying more tax than necessary!

Our clients don’t pay tax on the growth of their retirement savings nor do they pay tax on their retirement income. These are only two small, but important areas of our Hidden Wealth Tax Savings Blueprint Analysis™ In our experience, the annual tax savings from our analysis is about $21,000. I want to help you to start getting yourself tax-free by teaching you just a couple of key things.

The first step is to join us this coming Tuesday for our no-cost, no-obligation educational webinar. Learn how to get the government out of your retirement and how to avoid losing your savings to the next market meltdown. This Tuesday, I will be teaching how to get a tax-free retirement savings solution. To register for this event, simply click the link below or call our toll free number.

Or call:

(855) No Tax 2 U

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I encourage you to register right now. These events usually fill up quickly and even more so at tax time. Those that register and attend will receive, as a gift, my video book, 7 Steps to a Tax-Free Retirement. Spouses are encouraged to attend this educational event together.

Here’s to your Hidden Wealth,

Chuck Oliver
Best-Selling Author