In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach that The Federal Reserve decided to NOT raise interest rates due to concerns of turbulent tightening and slower than expected global growth. The bottom line is our U.S. economy nor the world economy is growing. The next earning reports will have a negative impact on our stock market because remember the 4th quarter is our best growth quarter that was just released over the last several weeks. The first quarter earnings report will start to be released next month and historically the first quarter is our slowest quarter historically.

The reason the market has appeared positive is simply a direct result of corporations buying back billions of their own stock since 2009’ and not as a result of individual investors or pension funds buying into the belief of a growing U.S. economy. The fact that the real reason the market has not encountered a major correction is a result of companies protecting a correction from happening by artificially delaying the inevitable. Please be wise in locking in your recent market gains and avoid giving back your gains when the market eventually does correct or crashes.

Learn how you can safely lock in your recent gains and experience only market increases and not be impacted by market losses on your retirement savings. Learn how our clients doubled their retirement savings with upside and no downside retirement tools during time periods where many people lost 50% of their retirement twice in the last 15 years. Learn how you can double your retirement savings without taxes or the concerns of more coming stock market corrections.

It is clear that the market will continue to be volatile and that taxes will continue to rise. Recently, a couple came to us looking for solutions to their concerns of secure income for their retirement. They wanted a steady flow of income that would enable them to continue to live their current lifestyle. They desired growth on their retirement savings without concerns of losses to a stock market downturn.

Dan and Ginny didn’t have survivor benefits for either of their pension incomes. They were appreciative to learn they could build their own survivor pension income stream that enabled them to have their income stream be free of taxes and free of any concerns of market losses. They were also pleased to learn their private retirement pension income stream would not have an impact on taxing their Social Security benefits up to 85% as traditional pensions do.

I want to teach you how you can safely double your retirement income and get Uncle Sam out of your retirement. I will be teaching a no-cost, no-obligation educational webinar this coming Tuesday. To register for Tuesday’s webinar, simply click the link below or call our toll free number.
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