In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach it is an important time to get your own New Year’s retirement resolution ready. Several people this past week shared their uncertainty about the GOP tax reform. They are unsure if they’re getting a tax savings or a tax increase. I’ve fielded a number of calls and emails regarding stock market predictions in the wake of this tax reform. It seems many people are unsure if they should sell to lock in their gains or if they should stay in the market in case there’s a huge surge.

The bottom line is, don’t count on big government for your retirement. Now’s the time to get a jump start on your New Year’s retirement resolution. You need to safeguard your serious retirement savings from its two greatest threats, taxes and market losses. In 23 years of helping clients grow and protect their retirement, I have had many people explain how they were shocked when they discovered they were paying a higher percentage of their income in taxes during retirement than they were during their highest wage earning years!

At most, the current tax reforms may put an additional $100 a month extra into your pocket. In contrast, I just met with a couple for whom we increased their income by $2,000 a month! We have created similar results for many other clients. Best of all, this additional income is all tax-free and does not affect Social Security income or Medicare premiums!

Let me teach you how you can safeguard your serious retirement savings from taxes and market losses. Let me help you get your New Year’s retirement resolution in action. Learn how you can safely lock in and keep your gains for good. Enjoy upside market gains while protecting yourself from all downside market losses. Discover how to legally avoid unnecessary taxes on the growth, income and transfer of your retirement savings. Our proven, safe-money solution has a track record of measurable results.

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