In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach that I have discovered that I was wrong about the five greatest retirement traps. I now recognize that the number one thing that prevents people from realizing the full potential of their retirement is procrastination.

I recently met with two couples, one in their 60’s and the other in their 70’s. Both couples expressed regrets for not paying more attention to their retirement years ago. What struck me the most was their regret at not realizing that people look not just at what an advisor can make you, but what an advisor can save you. Saving someone something is predictable. Making them something is uncertain.

I would like to teach you what I taught these couples. This coming Tuesday, I’ll be teaching my Optimal Retirement Educational Webinar. If you are married or have a significant other, I strongly encourage you to attend this event together. Studies have shown that one spouse typically takes the “tell me what time it is” approach to retirement, while the other spouse takes the “tell me how the watch is made” approach. This difference in approaches causes important retirement decisions to be postponed, resulting in a drastically reduced retirement. Don’t let this be you.

I want to teach you that some of your greatest hidden wealth is just how quickly you decide to make and implement a plan. Don’t become a victim of your own “analysis paralysis.” Register for this no-cost, no-obligation educational opportunity.  Learn how to avoid having up to 85% of your Social Security taxed and how to use predictable strategies to save you more, which ultimately makes you more!

Take the initiative! Go to, enter the required information and submit your registration. Once you submit your information, you will receive an email containing a personal link to join Tuesday’s event. Register now! Learn how to discover and uncover your own Hidden Wealth. I want to re-emphasize that spouses are encouraged to attend this event together, so that your important retirement decisions don’t get postponed.

When you register and attend the webinar, you’ll receive an e-copy of my latest book, The Baby Boomer Retirement Breakthrough. This book teaches you the top five retirement risks and the unique solutions you can use to avoid them.
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