In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach about two key economic events that occurred this past week: the market got hammered again and the President proposed a $4.1 trillion budget. Worst of all, the budget calls for $2.6 trillion to be funded by taxes from the American public!

Several people reached out to us this week, anxious to learn how they could enjoy upside market gains without suffering losses from the downside of the market. This is an important concept to know because Fed Chair Janet Yellen has recently been talking about the possibility of negative interest rateshere in the U.S. This “stimulus strategy” did not work in the other countries where it was tried. I’m not sure why Ms. Yellen believes that it will work here. It’s just further proof that The Fed has no idea what to do to get this economy back on the tracks.

If you’re currently investing in the stock market or equity products, I’d encourage you to look at other alternatives that will help you keep your serious retirement savings safe. Moving your savings to cash is not a good idea right now, because the rates are under .25%. If we have negative interest, you could end up paying to get your money safe!

I want to teach you how our safe, indexing solutionprovides you with a proven, measurable strategy that has out-performed all other strategies in the long run. Imagine, starting your gains when everyone else is just starting to recover their losses.

To learn more about how we safeguard our client’s retirement,watch this week’s Hidden Wealth Insight video. In the video, I discuss how you can safeguard your retirement from losses, lock in your accumulated interest and enjoy ease of management plus freedom from taxation! To watch the video, just click on the picture at the top of this email.

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