In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach how The Fed’s plan for negative interest rates is really just a way to get us to pay the banks for keeping our money safe from the market. The real aim of this strategy is to drive cash from the safety of the banks and into the risk of the market. It’s just another attempt to prop-up the shaky U.S. markets. This strategy has failed in the other countries in which its been tried.

Lock-in and reset is a strategy that I teach. In the last major correction, the market lost about 40%. Our clients, with their lock-in and reset solution, were able to lock-in their gainsand then re-start their gains when everyone else was just starting to make back their losses.

I want to teach you how you can enjoy this lock in and reset solution for your retirement savings. Imagine, being able to add to your gains when everyone else is just starting to recover their losses.

To learn more about why negative interest rates make a lock-in more important than ever, watch this week’s Hidden Wealth Insight video. To watch the video, just click on the picture at the top of this email.

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