In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach how toreally eliminate the government from your retirement. That is, how to get the IRS out of your IRAs. I want to make a special effort to teach this to as many people as I can.

Last week, I met with a couple, Frank and Beth. They had recently attended one of my no-cost, no obligation educational webinars. They were motivated to attend because they wanted to understand those sections of the tax code that protect you from taxes on the growth, distribution and eventual transfer of your retirement savings. Frank said, “Our insight was that this was like a special Roth conversion solution. No one had ever shared this with us before. We would have never even known this existed if we hadn’t attended your webinar.”

As I teach in my books, taxes pose the greatest threat to your retirement! At The Hidden Wealth Solution™, we use a strategy know as “strategic rollover/roll out” to indirectly get the government  out of  your retirement. To hear some of the details of how this is done, click the picture above to watch this week’s Hidden Wealth Insights video.

While it’s impossible to avoid paying tax on the transfer of retirement funds from a tax-deferred retirement account (such as a 401(k) or an IRA) to a tax-free retirement account, we can show you how to pay that tax from someone else’s pocket. Now is the time to act because both major presidential candidates have said that they are going to raise taxes.Whether you’re saving for retirement or already in retirement, we can teach you the best way to eliminate the unnecessary taxes on your retirement.

Learn how you can become a tax-free retiree by registering, right now, for this coming Tuesday’s no-cost, no-obligation Wealth Protection Webinar. Learn how our clients protect themselves from taxes on the growth, distribution and transfer of their retirement. Register now by going to and entering the required information.
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